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Although parenthood is a life changing event, the changes can be very positive and maturity can come much faster than expected.
Becoming a mother had so many positive affects in my live. I would say,” It totally changed my life but it was a much needed change”. Before becoming a mother my life only revolved around me. I did things such as; going to parties, hanging at clubs, I did an enormous amount of shopping for myself and just simply had a good time enjoying life. The thought of having a child never crossed my mind. I would often here my boyfriend say, “Everybody can get pregnant except Tammy”. With a blank stare on my face every time he said it, I could imagine the horrific sound of ...view middle of the document...

The smell of food was horrible to me. My eating habits only consist of eating ice. The cold and crisp ice seemed to be the only thing I could tolerate. This went on for 6 month of my pregnancy. After 6 months, I begin to gobble down everything I could think of. I gained an enormous amount of weight and finally, I began to truly bond with my unborn.
I was married to my boyfriend of three year in August of 1991 and on October 22, 1992 I was blessed with a handsome baby boy. I can remember the delighted look on my husband face and the tremendous amount of joy I felt after the birth of my son. He was so precious and adorable. My heart melted every time he would look at me with his alluring blue eyes. He had a gorgeous, deep caramel skin tone that complemented his sandy brown hair. Ecstatic over the birth of my new baby boy I felt a love like no other. All I wanted to do was hold and kiss him. As time went on and he began to grow the love became even stronger and parenthood really began. I’ve entered into a life now that that requires not just love but caring, understanding and discipline. Whatever choices I made I realize those choices didn’t just affect me but my son as well. Major changes in my life had to be made because I wanted the best for him. All of my needs and my husband needs were second to our son. The house parties that I would often give stopped. I didn’t have a desire to go to a club and all of the shopping that was once all about me was then all for my adorable son. Enjoying life to me now, is about being a mother. Parenthood was life changing for me and I must say I matured so much faster than I expected. In other words, if it hadn’t been for me becoming a mother, I’m sure I would have still been hanging out at clubs doing God knows what. For that, I welcome the positive change becoming a mother had in my life.

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