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Beethoven Is The Best Essay

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Ludwig van Beethoven (baptized December 17, 1770 in Bonn[1] – March 26, 1827 in Vienna) was a German composer. He wrote classical music for the piano, orchestras and different groups of instruments. His best-known works are his third ("Eroica"), fifth , sixth ("Pastorale") and ninth ("Choral") symphonies, the eighth ("Pathetique") and fourteenth ("Moonlight") piano sonatas, two of his latter piano concertos, his opera "Fidelio", and also the piano piece Für Elise. When he was a young man, he was a talented pianist. Beethoven was popular with the rich and important people in Vienna, Austria, where he lived.
In 1801, however, he began to lose his hearing. His deafness became worse.[2] In ...view middle of the document...

[10] This very emotional letter was found amongst his papers after his death. It was never sent to anyone. He kept it to himself.
By 1814, Beethoven had reached the height of his fame. He was thought of as the greatest composer by the Viennese people and he was often invited by royal people to their palaces. It was the year in which he played his famous Piano Trio Op. 97 The Archduke. That was the last time he played the piano in public.[3] His deafness was making it impossible to continue.
Beethoven’s music is usually divided into three periods: Early, Middle and Late.[8] Most composers who live a long time develop as they get older and change their way of composing. Of course, these changes in style are not sudden, but they are quite a good way of understanding the different periods of his composing life.
His first period includes the works he wrote in his youth in Bonn, and his early days in Vienna up to about 1803. His middle period starts with the Eroica Symphony and includes most of his orchestral works. His last period...

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