Before I Die Essay

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Before I Die
For, The Buried Life for helping people and making your dreams all at once.

In a lifetime you make approximately 29,200,000 decisions. (That is if you live for eighty years.) The seven decisions I have made that I would like to do before I die are one, write a well written novel two, make a difference for someone three, and come up with an original invention. Then, once I do those then I want to play all band instruments, travel around the world, be homeless for a week, and lastly serve in the military for a while. This is the story of why I want to make my ideas come to life.
Books, I rather write than read, but telling stories and sharing experiences never gets old. There is just abounding topics to write about in a single persons head! My book title would more than likely be “small steps.” It would be about a twelve- year- old young woman who is trying to find her place ...view middle of the document...

Continuing on, a true passion of mine is playing instruments. You can tell because in the last three years I have switched and learned four different instruments , and yet still play three now. That is why by the time my life comes to an end I would like to be able to master all band instruments and know them well. Also try to play as many foreign instruments as I can find. Difficult, challenging and fun all in one!
Everything is possible if you try. Traveling around the world is a challenging process. First, I need money, then, experience and lots and lots of free time. Stepping back and thinking how many new things I will learn and experience it will all be worth it. From food to facts, geology to languages all that can change my life I can have the chance of experiencing. Doing this I can learn more and see how all the countries work in one. This is number five on my bucket list.
Seven years from now when I am twenty I bet two fourths of the world’s people will be homeless. That is why for at least one week I want to get treated and feel like a homeless man or woman. Then, I will sleep on the streets, eat whatever I can find and never have any conception of what will happen next. In doing this I will see what it really is like to know you have nothing and I should appreciate what I have.

Last, but not least is military. They protect our country and make ordinary people like you and I able to live an admirable life. That is why for at least five years of my life I would like to serve in the military. Knowing that any hour of the day I could die, leaving family, and friends back home. Then, I will truly know what it truly takes to sacrifice.
The next time I read a book, use any apparatus that was created by a person, see a homeless man, play and learn a new instrument, or even think about the military I know one day I will set out to do those things. The only thing left to do is plan, map out, and think ahead. Where do I start? Now, what do you want to do before you die?

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