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Behavior And Job Profiling Essay

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People are first hired for their hard skills but are most often fired for the lack of soft skills. A combination of behavioral and job profiling prevents the company from wasting money on hiring the wrong people for the job. A leader can attract behavior matched candidates for the job before the candidate is interviewed. This means the hiring manager is likely to find the right fit for the job early in the interview/hiring process. Behavioral traits are a major component to every job and can help decrease attrition, and improve job satisfaction. This can overall increase companywide job performance.
The Myers Briggs personality type indicators are based on the theories of Carl Jung. ...view middle of the document...

The BB resident began his administrative career in 1985 as Dean of Students at RHS, a position he held for nine years before becoming Administrative Dean of Students for one year, following three consecutive years as DA of Academic at DP University. Administrator #1 returned to BHS in 1999 as Assistant Principal for Student Affairs at BHS. A year later he became principal of what was then B.J. DD School in ABC, Illinois, and in 2002 he was named Principal of Romeoville High School. Administrator #1 became principal of ABC High School in 2006. A graduate of DP University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational leadership, he is currently pursuing his Doctorate as well as his superintendent certification from A. University.
Administrator #2 was a Spanish teacher and Foreign Language department chairperson at YYY prior to 2009 assistant principal role, a former Spanish/ESL Teacher and Demonstration Classroom Teacher at CDE and FGH schools for three years and a Spanish teacher at Hillcrest E. School. Administrator #2 holds a Masters degree in Educational Administration from STU State, as well as, a Masters degree in Instructional Leadership and a Bachelors degree in Spanish Translation and Business from the University of ABC.
Administrator #3 obtained his Doctorate in Educational Administration from VTS University, has been at RST School for 12 years, seven as principal and five as assistant principal. He has also been assistant principal at Garfield Elementary School in ALM and MPE School as well as junior high school teacher at Roosevelt School in RST. A graduate of University of HRM with a Masters in School Administration and a Bachelors in Elementary education, he is a adjunct Professor in Supervision Research and Ethics at AU and a former math instructor at BC.
Administrator#1 named superintendent for 2011-2012 school year speaks to community relations piece using the open forum approach this past February 22 at Romeoville High school. Administrator #1 is extremely vocal communicating expectation for staff and community relationship. “I believe the greater input and interaction with the community, the better chance we have of improving student achievement,” he said. Residents and business owners joined approximately 2,000 staff members. A closed-circuit television feed was set up in the auditorium for community members.
Administrator #1 is dedicated to improving student achievement are helping to strengthen school and parent relationships while also helping to lower truancy throughout the district. Resolving issues can start with better communication. With that said creative solutions are a must in turning these issues into successes. Putnam and Poole (1987) defines conflict as “ the interaction for interdependent people who perceive opposition of goals, aims, and views, and who see the other part as potentially interfering with the realization of those goals”(p.352). When conflict is...

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