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Behavior Intervention Plan Essay

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Behavior Intervention Plan

When teachers have difficulty managing a student, the first step is to get the parents or guardians involved. Together, the teacher, the parents or guardians, and the student may work to resolve the issue. This is the first step in documenting a bigger problem with the student’s behavior.

Complete the following document using one of the case studies in the Student Behavior Case Studies simulation located on the student website.

Student: Brittany Age: 6 Sex: Female

Teacher: Mrs. Lucero Grade: 1st

Case Managers (Learning Team Members):
Date: March 17, 2014

Reason for Intervention Plan: Uncontrollable ...view middle of the document...

4. Identify likely consequences that may be maintaining the behavior.

Mrs. Lucero recently implemented an intervention plan rewarding Brittany with stickers that can be used to receive prizes when Brittany worked with another student. Brittany lost interest in the plan and has reverted back to the problem behavior.
5. Identify and describe any academic or environmental contexts in which the behavior does not occur.

Brittany likes Mr. Toceo the P.E. teacher. He sees the isolative play, but she enjoys his class when he does not force her to interact with peers. In an academic context when the behavior does not occur is when Brittany is allowed to work alone.

6. Formulate a hypothesis statement: Using the following table, determine why the student engages in the behavior, if the behavior serves single or multiple functions, and what to do.

|  |Internal |External |
| Obtain Something |  Find something that motivates Brittany or gives | The behavior is induced by encouraged |
| |her incentive to interact with peers. Find an adult|interaction with peers. We want to slowly find|
| |that she trusts and build a relationship. |ways to encourage interactions, while reducing|
| | |the stressors. Maybe we begin with her |
| | |interacting with Mr. Toceo and one friend. |
| Avoid Something |  We want to avoid frustration that leads to | We want to avoid the behavior by focusing on |
| |behavior issues. We want to reduce stressors and be|only positive interactions. Find structured |
| |supportive and provide a safe and positive |and predictable times to encourage peer |
| |environment for her. |interaction. |

7. Current level of performance: Describe the behavior in a way that the teacher and parents will recognize its onset and conclusion.

Brittany will not work with peers and is more comfortable with isolative play. If forced or asked to play or work with someone Brittany will not respond and then begin to scream or act out. She calms down after the stressors are removed.
8. Describe replacement behaviors that will likely serve the same function as the behavior identified in Step 1.

Instead of Brittany screaming, rocking back and forth, or shaking her hands at her side, she can use a stress...

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