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Behavior & Mental Process Of The Brain

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Behavior and Mental Process of the Brain

Ever wonder how the brain manages to function and processes information? It is a like a computer that is running the entire body. According to research, “the brain not only controls what we think and feel, how we learn and remember, and the way we move and talk, but also many things we are less aware of such as the amount of stress we feel.” Behavior can be defined as an evident response or activity by an organism (Lloyd 11). The mental processes on the other hand, are the thoughts, feelings, and wishes that accompany behavior (Lloyd 12). All of these facts contribute to how the brain produces behavior and mental processing.
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Behavior can also teach us to adjust to certain situations in our society and how to cope with certain occurrences. It is the way we view things and perceive them, where the brain takes action and control towards behavior. An example of an experience with behavior, would be viewing how to sit and eat correctly at the dinner table. In no time, will the human brain capture the idea of what is to be done, and follows the example of the displayed behavior. We are also expressing our behavior through emotions. The relationships between the events in our life and our feelings are connected to behavior. “If you aren't sure how you feel, but you realize that you are acting in a way that sends a clear message to others, you may be able to infer what you are feeling from your behavior” (“Identifying”). In other words, behavior can steer your emotions.
In the same way, Schacter’s Two Factor Theory of Emotion, suggest that “to experience emotion one must feel aroused and congenetively label the aurosal” (“Emotions”). When aroused ones pupils are dilated, salvation decreases, skin perspires, resperation increases, heart accelerates, digestion inhibits and the adrenal glands secrete stress hormones. Yet the opposite can be said when one is calm. “Humans have developed very sophisticated ways of expressing their emotions using the facial muscles, the eyes, a complex body language and least of all verbal expressions. Humans are also skillful at hiding or even suppressing their emotions. They can also with some effort pretend to be in an emotional state that is not true; however the effort can not be sustained for any measurable length of time.” (“Human”) All of which support behavior.
Furthermore, is the brains procedure in producing mental process; “the different things we do with our mind” (“Mental”). Gregory Bateson was a scholar, who was one of the fist to propose the six criteria’s of the mental process: A mind is an aggregate of interacting parts or components; the interaction between parts of mind is triggered by difference; mental process requires collateral energy; mental process requires circular or more complex chains of determination; in mental process, the effects of difference are to be regarded as transforms that is, coded versions of events that preceded them; and finally the description and classification of these processes of transformation disclose a hierarchy of logical types immanent in the phenomena. Bateson proposes, that ‘the phenomena which we call thought, evolution, ecology, life, learning, and the like occur only in systems that satisfy these criteria,” Bale states.
From the beginning, the first proposal explains the differentiation of parts and function of the minds system. Proceeding, is the difference between to distinct things where the “idea is the basic unit of mental process” […] (Bale). Next, he suggests that mental process has a need for energy for example, “if we kick a stone, it receives energy and it...

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