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Behavior Of An Organization Essay

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Whistle Blowers: Saints or Sinners
Whistle blowers are individuals who prevent the wrongdoing or illegal activities from an organization. Douglas Duran a former of sales at TAP Pharmaceutical Products files the petition to high Court to reveal the wrongdoing of his company. He is considered to be a Whistle Blower. In this case, he is a saint or a sinner?
1/ - David Stetler a defense attorney believe that Whistle Blowing means to extort large financial gains from companies.
* Douglas Duran is a saint or guiltless person because:
* He just makes the decision based on his intuition and perception that the kickbacks for doctors are immoral.
* He is innocent from ...view middle of the document...

A "whistle-blower" has the intention to find incriminating evidence, so even if the company is innocent, the whistle-blower may make false assumptions, even subconsciously, in order to incriminate the company, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. 
3. When frivolous lawsuits occur, how might these cases affect future whistle-blowers who have a valid legal claim against their company?  Would they be more or less likely to come forward?  How might their claims be evaluated?  What should companies and the government do to prevent frivolous lawsuits?
      When frivolous lawsuits occur, it affects future "whistle blowers" by having them perceive the process of reporting their grievances by being discouraged in investing the time and effort to follow through with their claims because they may feel it might be a waste of time and they may not be took seriously. 
      Because of this dilemma, if a person had a legal claim and lack the three components model of creativity as well as have biases, errors, and preconceived notions in their own mind while lacking the process of decision-making and problem solving, they would less likely to come forward to make a claim against an organization (Judge, 2007).
      In this case, if employees provided strong evidence, have an open and shut case against a company and they had good ethics, authorities would evaluate their claim. On the other hand, if they were an unethical person by providing a weak case, authorities may not evaluate their claim.
      For companies to prevent frivolous law suits there is only one solution, don't do any wrong doing and create stricter guidelines toward making claims against a company. The government on the other hand should make stricter laws by taking away the reward of paying a "whistle blower" 30 percent of legal fees and by not providing them protection of reporting a wrongdoing unless a person can prove a company guilty. I guess what I am trying to say is a company and the government must really screen a person to find out if they are making a frivolous lawsuit.
4. Do you believe that employees of a...

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