Behavior Of Business Students And Bayview University

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Behavior of Business Students and Bayview University
It was found that during the timeframe between 2008 and 2009 that many in the business world behaved in an unethical way. It was believed that the cause of this behavior was a result of cheating while the individuals were enrolled in a University. The College of Business at Bayview University believed that the issue of cheating was much worse at their University compared to other institutions. This report was developed to help determine and study the cheating tendencies of 90 students. This test was given during and exit interview to help elevate any potential repercussions to the results.
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It is very promising that the students at Bayview University are less likely to cheat then other institutions (41.11% v 56%) it is still a very serious issues. To help lower the rate of unethical behavior the following are recommendation the Dean of Student may consider.
1. Require that each student review and sign a Code of Ethics each school year.
2. Create online ethical compliance training for all incoming students.
3. Develop a program based on Clay Christensen’s writings “100% of the time is easier than 98% of the time.” This is based on the thought that people do not setout to break the rules, it when the use the “just this once” phrase in their decision-making.
4. Conduct this survey to both incoming freshman and use the same students when they exit the school to see any differences and see if the programs are working.
5. Incorporate “Accountability” courses so that they understand what this really means.
6. Understand that the students will learn when they are ready to learn and not when we are ready to teach them. This means that they must teach this at every corner and behave ethical at all times, so when they are ready they learn the right way to do it.

Anderson, David R.; Sweeney, Dennis J.; Williams, Thomas A. (2011). Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics, Revised, 6th Edition

Appendix A
Ethical Behavior Statistics
Table A1 (Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, 2011)
Results of Ethical Behavior of Business Students at Bayview University
Student | Copied from Internet | Copied on Exam | Collaborated on Individual Project | Gender |
1 | No | No | No | Female |
2 | No | No | No | Male |
3 | Yes | No | Yes | Male |
4 | Yes | Yes | No | Male |
5 | No | No | Yes | Male |
6 | Yes | No | No | Female |
7 | Yes | Yes | Yes | Female |
8 | Yes | Yes | Yes | Male |
9 | No | No | No | Male |
10 | Yes | No | No | Female |
11 | No | No | No | Male |
12 | No | Yes | Yes | Female |
13 | No | No | Yes | Male |
14 | No | No | No | Male |
15 | No | Yes | Yes | Male |
16 | No | No | No | Male |
17 | No | No | No | Male |
18 | No | No | No | Female |
19 | No | No | No | Female |
20 | No | No | Yes | Male |
21 | No | No | No | Male |
22 | Yes | No | No | Female |
23 | No | No | No | Female |
24 | No | No | No | Male |
25 | No | No | Yes | Female |
26 | No | Yes | No | Female |
27 | No | No | No | Female |
28 | No | No | Yes | Male |
29 | No | No | Yes | Male |
30 | No | No | No | Male |
31 | No | No | No | Male |
32 | Yes | Yes | Yes | Female |
33 | No | Yes | Yes | Male |
34 | No | No | No | Male |
35 | No | No | No | Female |
36 | Yes | No | Yes | Female |
37 | Yes | No | Yes | Male |
38 | No | No | No | Female |
39 | Yes | Yes | Yes | Male |
40 | Yes | Yes | Yes | Female |
41 | No | Yes | Yes | Male |
42 | No | No | No | Female |
43 | No | No | Yes | Female |
44 | No | No | Yes | Male |
45 | No | No |...

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