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The purpose of this contract is to provide an example of how methods and techniques of behavioral management theory are used to help someone reach their goal. Behavior therapy is based on the belief from therapist that behavior is learned and influenced by the environment a person is in. Therapists have focus on maladaptive behavior that is considered disadvantageous and dangerous to an individual to help them find ways to change their behavioral patterns. On my journey to achieving my goal I will use behavior modification that will allow me to focus on unwanted behavior that has contributed to my weight gain. Below is a behavioral contract that includes the following: short-term and long term goals, behaviors that need to change, positive and negative reinforcement, methods to monitor my progress and the results I hope to achieve.
On this day June 10, 2013 I Taneka Lewis ...view middle of the document...

I will add bicycle riding and jumping rope to my routines.
2.) On day 31 I will commit to a strict diet that excludes sodas, tea, and fried foods.
3.) In six months my goal is to drop a pants size as a result of my hard work and dedication.
Behavioral Intervention
The only way to achieve my goal is to change my current behavior patterns.
The best way to reward myself is at the end of a successful week I can treat myself to a restaurant of my choosing. This will only happen if I do not consume soda, tea, and sweets and complete my required workout plan every day. Reinforcements will be adding an extra 10 minutes to a workout if I miss a day. I will be accountable to my husband and children and allow them to help me stay focus.
Methods of Monitoring
There are two methods that I will be using to track my progress. The first one is by using a phone application that I have downloaded on my phone that allows me to scan bar code labels on all food and drink items that I take in. This helps me keep a count of the amount of calories I take in each day. The other method is a personal long that I will use to record what type of exercise I complete daily and the amount of pounds lost at the end of each month.
As a result of my hard work on December 1, 2013 I should step on the scale and be 30 pounds lighter. Not only do I expect to be lighter weight wise but I will have established a healthy eating life style for myself. I will be able to see a difference in my physical body by experiencing high energy levels unlike previous months.
As I take this journey to improve my life I will use methods and techniques given by the behavioral management theory. My focus will be on maladaptive behaviors as I find ways to change those unwanted behaviors. I have set short-term and long-term goals that can be reached by using positive and negative reinforcement. With the help of family, applications on my cell phone and a daily log I plan to reach my goal of losing 30 pounds. By the end of this journey I plan to be committed to a healthier eating plan and well established with a workout plan.

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