Behaviour Policies Essay

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What strategies are used to help children and young peoples positive behaviour in line with policies?

Q1 At the start of the school yearit is important to find out as much as possible about the pupils you will be working with by talking to previous teachers or reading reports from the previous year. Pupils respond better to confident, knowledgeable staff who prepare interesting lessons and give positive and constructive feedback. It is important to become familiar with the schools behaviour management policy so it can be referred to if need be and so that rules for behaviour are consistent across the school.
Referring to the school policy where I am employed it states that – Good ...view middle of the document...

This system works really well in my school and children love the commendation in assembly. I think the only weaknesses this could have is if staff weren’t consistent with handing out the smileys, staff should always carry smileys with them as they should be given there and then. A weekly star of the week certificate is handed out to one child in every class and is given to a child who has made noteworthy progress that week, they receive a certificate and a small prize, I like this because the children really try hard to get star of the week. I am all for rewarding positive behaviour as I believe that the children feel good about themselves afterwards and it encourages them to strive. At one time rewards were only given to children when behaviour improved, I didn’t like this as the children who rarely misbehaved didn’t get any recognition and sometimes played up to get the attention. Some people would argue that rewarding good behaviour sends the message to the pupils that if they have to be paid for it then it must be work. They logically conclude that being well behaved must be something difficult or noteworthy, otherwise why would they be rewarded for it. I think consistency plays a big part in strategies for behaviour eg the smiley system, if staff forget to carry them around with them or not noticed that a child has opened the door for them then there is no consistency and it wont work.

Q2 Inclusive practice refers to an approach where all childrenare accorded adequate support in an educational setting. It is also a case where students with a disability are given a less restrictive placement as compared to more able pupils. It enables all pupils to access the curriculum content. Inclusion is about equal opportunities for all learners regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, impairment, attainment and background. Children should be equally valued and staff should strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination and develop an...

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