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Being Forgotten Essay

913 words - 4 pages

Protagonist: Who are you?
Narrator: (blinks at him in an amused manner) Isn’t it polite to give your own name when asking someone theirs?
Protagonist: I know who I am. I am me. Who are you?
Narrator: Me, myself, and I. This is my fantasy after all.
Protagonist: Well, that is fascinating. (approaches helpfully) Are you lost? Would you like me to get someone to help?
Narrator: No, no, no. I’m quite fine, but you, on the other hand, look oddly familiar.
Protagonist: Really? Have we met before?
Narrator: (recognition) Of course we have, you are the other me!
Protagonist: The other you? Are you schizophrenic?
Narrator: No. I always knew that I had a sense of humor. I … we have been ...view middle of the document...

Narrator: Well, actually, I’m under therapeutic hypnosis.
Protagonist: You mean ‘we’?
Narrator: No, me. You obviously don’t remember so it must be just me.
Protagonist: That’s not fair, I’m you too! But, why the hypnosis? Were you trying to meet me?
Narrator: Actually, no. My psychiatrist recommends weekly sessions to relax. I just wish they weren’t so expensive…
Protagonist: But, have you met me before?
Narrator: No, I don’t think so. I don’t remember my sessions. I just feel better afterwards.
Protagonist: You don’t think you remember me? So you might have met me before? Why don’t I remember?
Narrator: Well, the left side of the brain, me, is associated with memory… maybe you just aren’t able to form new memories? You seem to remember our previous life just fine.
Protagonist: But if we met this time, then it must have happened before. How long have you been doing this, uh, hypnosis?
Narrator: No more than three years.
Protagonist: Three years! So what happened to those times? They might as well not have happened!
Narrator: But, you are here now. Isn’t that enough?
Protagonist: No, it most certainly is not. What am I going to do here for…
Narrator: (cutting him off) Another minute.
Protagonist: What? Did you just say what I think you just said? How long? (shakes Narrator) how long?
Narrator: I don’t know exactly, but probably soon.
Protagonist: So, what happens to me? Do I… die?
Narrator: (consoling) Don’t worry…
Protagonist: Don’t worry!!! (begins to pace and wring hands) How could I not? You, and your… hypnosis, gave me life. And for what? To relax?...

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