Being Local In A Globalized World Is A Sign Of Social Deprivation And Degradation

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“Being local in a globalized world is a sign of social deprivation and degredation.”(Zygmunt Bauman)

“Being local in a globalized world is a sign of social deprivation and degredation”. In order to analyze this statement I feel that it is vital to understand what Bauman means when refering to a globalized world, what globalization is.
“Globalization reflects a widespread perception that the world is rapidly being moulded into a shared social space by economic and technological forces and that development in one region of the world can have profound consequences for the life chances of individuals or communities on the other side of the globe.” (Held et al 1999, ...view middle of the document...

Later in the essay I will present my arguments against the statement. I will discuss the globalized world, concentrating on the educational benefits of colonialism, employment, the positives of the English language and global politics.
When we look at globalization and development it is clear that the historical links to colonialism, or imperialism, are undenyable, for example the British Empire in the late ninteenth century, who owned over one quarter of the world’s land mass, were one of the most powerful agents of globalization in the latter half of the ninetenth century (Held et al 1999, p.41). Globalization is largely a matter of economic growth and gain (Held et al 1999), the same can be said of colonialism and imperialism in the nineteenth century. The industrialisation of underdeveloped countries by developed countries in the past has certainly never been driven by a desire to help the local citizens of these underdeveloped countries, towns and villages to prosper while respecting their own heritage, but by the desire to increase the economic wealth of the developed country itself. The developed country obtained cheap labour and raw materials from the poorer countries (Goldsmith and Mander 2001, p.21-24). The people of the underdeveloped countries came to rely on the developing country for resources, which came from other colonies around the world. These colonies were always ruled by a leader from the developed country, who saw fit to socially degrade and deprive the local indigenous peoples, seeing them as savages (Goldsmith and Mander 2001, p.24). The local population were discouraged from the traditional craft work, i.e. weaving in India, which was hugely important in rural villages as a way of life, and which had been passed down through many generations from parent to child and so on. These skilled workers became useless, and were socially degraded as they were no longer seen as an integral part of the society as in the colonial society their skills were deemed as unimportant. This has resulted in the loss of these skills as they were no-longer passed down through the generations because they had to find other ways of life. There was very little respect or acknowledgement of the local people and they were seen as socially inferior to the colonial population largely due to the growth of “the Westernized elite”. Thse were indigenous citizens who were very satisfied with the idea of economic development, a process which the elite happily encouraged and promoted despite the detrimental effects on the majority of its local indigenous citizens (Goldsmith and Mander 2001, p.24). As these empires grew i.e. the British Empire in the ninteenth century, it became evident that there was no room for being local in them. The local peoples were socially beneath the colonials and they began to feel that they were that way. Retaining one’s local identity became something which was looked down upon and discouraged(Goldsmith and...

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