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Being There Essay

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Jerzy Kosinski’s beautiful novel “Being There” was made into the movie, directed by Hal Ashby and starring Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine. Here, Jerzy Kosinski, writer of the novel is also the writer of the screenplay for the movie. After watching the movie and reading the novel, it seems that Peter Sellers selection for the film version was a perfect choice as he has shown a perfect visual experience compared to the original novel. “Being There”, both the movie and the fiction are based on the misunderstanding among the characters and talks about the realism of the world that we as humans are often fooled by our own preconceptions and expectations.
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V. and work in the garden, it seems very unrealistic. But, looking at the overall message of the book that humans are sometimes being fooled by their own preconceptions and expectations with his limited economy words, it makes the overall play quite realistic.
Looking at the movie based on the book, there are many changes made to adjust it to a broader audience. First of all, looking at the setting of the book, it shows us that the event took place in New York, whereas, looking at the movie, showing us the White House, it tells us that the event took place in Washington D.C. Also, the movie has been compressed and at the same time elaborates to encompass the broader audience. For example, in movie, Mr. Franklin when watches Chance on television, he immediately identifies him and makes the audience think that he is going to cover off Chance identity. But instead of that, he thinks that there might be some sort of government set up and he might have been fooled when he first met Chance in the old man’s house. In book, Mr. Franklin is not able to recognize Chance when he watches him on T.V and there after the continuity with Franklin kind of fades away as if it is not significant.
The whole movie has been mostly shot with medium or short focal length camera as it was very important for the audience to see the facial expression of chance and other characters of the movie. There were only one or two long shots being captured from which one was to make audience aware of the setting that the event...

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