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Beliefs Of The Ancient Egyptians Essay

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Roy BaharavRPHL 11Dr. BrierIt is safe to say that the world in which we live has been impacted time and time again by previous civilizations; however, to also safe to say that modern studies do not put a great emphasis when it comes to studying those cultures. The sands of history are filled with countless footsteps that contain a plethora of information vital to the knowledge of where we all came from and how we arrived at this point. The question is, where to start, and how do we understand the clues that have been left for us by our predecessors.It is crucial to understand that in order to know how previous civilizations existed, we must put ourselves in their timeframe. It serves useless ...view middle of the document...

Mythology has spread its wings to almost every culture that ever existed; however, it is in the earliest civilization where it got its beginning. It is agreed that the ancient Egyptians did not use logic or reason to answer the mystifying questions that they faced. Mythology was not always considered to be stories about heroes. At first they were told to answer the many questions of human existence. In all myths there were beings with supernatural powers, which controlled and caused everything on or off the earth to occur. The beings were known as deities and each one normally had their own specialty such as water, earth, sky, air, etc. These divinities also dealt with events such as creation, illness and death.Mythology did not exist simply to answer complex questions, but it was also considered religion for ancient Egyptians. The two concepts are alike being that they try to answer questions with no empirical evidence; however, where mythology was based on stories meant to respond to inquiries, religion is based upon faith. The combination of the two would reside in ancient Egyptian life.Most of the information known about Egyptian myth came from their hieroglyphs. Every town in Egypt differed a bit more than the next in their mythology. Creation myths would contrast often. One interesting myth was the creation myth of the Memphite cosmogony. In the Memphite cosmogony, Ptah was known as the3creator of the physical world. He was the one who established cities, created political order as well as created the gods and goddesses. Occasionally some myths contradicted themselves because it is also known that the Memphites believed that Atum spat out Shu and vomited out Tefnut; however, as long as the myths answered human's questions then nobody complained.Another of the creation myths in ancient Egypt was the one containing the primordial Nine Gods of Egyptian belief. Mythology is considered primordial, meaning it is the time before time existed. In the beginning there are just the primordial waters and chaos in the names of Nun and Nunet (representing water), Amun and Amunet (representing hiddeness), Huk and Huket (representing formlessness) and Kuk and Kuket (representing darkness). Out of the primordial water rises a hill and on this hill resides Atum. Atum creates himself as a God and he creates the Gods Nut (sky), Geb (earth), Shu (air), and Tefnut (moisture). This is how the world came to be. From them we get more Gods such as Osiris who came to civilize Egypt.Yet another creation myth was the legend that stated Re created godlings because he was bored and had nobody to talk to. It is said that Re created the gods by masturbating and made goddesses by spitting. Since Re ruled over the godlings he created humans from his tears for the divinities to rule over.The most important part of any mythology is the divinities and the actual myths. They interlock with each other and each deity has their own myth; likewise, each myth contains deities. Due...

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