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Belife In Change In My Life

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The Role of Education in Our Life

How do we choose who we want to be when we grow up? I do not remember how I decided to go to school; no one was asking me if I want to go there. From my early childhood years, I knew that all children go to school and need to grow up and prepare for this important step in life. In later years, I realized that you should go to a university to obtain a degree in a field that you would like to work in after your graduation. That was the rule that everyone followed in order to be successful in our society. By saying “our” society, I mention the society of big cities in Russia in the early 90’s of 20th century. The funny thing was that by receiving one degree ...view middle of the document...

Everyone knows that everyone should go to school. Of course, we choose in which field we want to specialize. Anyway, we need to learn everything that the previous generations knew and based on this knowledge come up with something new and valuable for the new generations.

Sometimes we look back and get amazed how far we went from the beginning by making a decision to take chances and to educate ourselves in a new field of study. Many people experience privilege of being educated. Though the ways of learning they chose were different, the result of their personal change was the most important thing to them. Malcom X in his essay “Learning to Read” points out how learning to read could significantly change a course of a person’s life. The author learned to read while in prison - a negative environment; however, through the self-education process of reading he found that he had changed completely and felt he had freedom, which was inside his mind. The change in his life was so noticeable, that he said, “…I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity – because you can hardly mention anything I’m not curious about.” (Malcom X 290). Mike Rose describes important events which happened to the author early in his life at school that made him realize that he wanted to do things in the world and not to be just an average person. Rose emphasizes, “…I realize how layered and important that knowledge was. It enabled me to do things in the world”. (Mike Rose 363) It is unquestionable that education changes us and our life course.

There are different standards of being successful in different countries. I spent so many years achieving a “successful” status in Russia, and now I have moved to the US and found myself in a big confusion because I...

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