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Belonging And Related Text Essay

1114 words - 5 pages

Lockie Spurr
English assessment 1
‘Simple gift’
Steven Herrick


a) A description of the text and its source including date or production

The song ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay was written during February of 2011, and following its release on October 19th, was an accompanying music video, directed by Matt Whitecross. The text is suitable for comparison with Steven Herricks, ‘The simple Gift,’ as there is a strong sense of belonging. In the video, the lead singer, Chris Martin, is dressed in an elephant suit. The story follows the ‘elephant, as he escapes from a zoo in London, and attempts to hitch hike, unicycle and fly his way over to Africa. An aerial shot ...view middle of the document...

Viewers therefore recognise that he now belongs, and can access that sense of belonging themselves.

d) An explanation of how the texts relate to concepts of belonging in the prescribed text

This text relates to the ‘Simple Gift ‘ through certain themes of belonging. Throughout the ‘Simple Gift,’ Billy talks about,“the motel benderat” as being his home, which gives him a sense of belonging and both separates him and liberates him from his past. Despite that Billy’s place of residence is a derelict train, he states “it’s the best I can do,” which resembles Billy’s conformability with his home, and the sense of attachment he feels. This relates to Coldplay’s Paradise film clip, in that both texts identify a sense of home. Billy’s content with his home is expressed when he states, “Bendarat is the perfect town. A friendly librarian, a warm McDonalds, luxury train accommodation.” Likewise, the shot conveying the completion of the elephant’s journey, and his celebratory dance with his family in Capetown, demonstrates that same sense of comfort and belonging.

e) An evaluation of the particular belonging concepts that are explored in your related and prescribed text

There therefore exists a sense of belonging in both texts through the journey both characters experience and accomplish by the text’s end. Elements of acceptance, journey from foreign to familiar, accomplishment, home and happiness are all demonstrated and convey belonging.


a) A description of the text and its source including date or production

The movie, ‘Once Were Warriors’ came out in 1994 and was directed by Lee Tamahori. This is a movie about a family whose ancestral line extends from a Māori Warrior. The family is lead by the dominant and violent father named Jake Heke, and they suffer from his social problems of being treated as an outcast. Within the friendships of the Heke family, Jake, Beth and their 5 kids experience alienation that comes from belonging to neither worlds. Grace heke says, “People show their true feelings when they're drunk,” which demonstrates a need to feel out of control, and not oneself in order to show one’s true character.

b) An explanation of how the text explores particular belonging ideas from the rubric

The film contains a sense of belonging according to the rubric by showing the family as being isolated, separate, and suffering...

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