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Belonging Creative Essay

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BELONGING CREATIVE WRITING - HSC The lights around the city blink and abundance of colours as the many tall buildings towered over Carlos with a disgruntled tone. He shuffled throughout the city across paths and paved roads. His shoes scuffles softly, quiet against the hum of the faceless voices echoing throughout the city centre. Carlos didn’t like coming here, there were too many people, but he had to come and pick his son up from school. He was a bit early. A man with fiery red hair shouted fiercely into a tiny mobile phone. Carlos cowered as he approached. Many faces passed by, each more cold than the last. He sat at an empty table, his beads firmly clutched against the chest. He tried ...view middle of the document...

He gently opened his eyes and saw the priest was still roaring on. Everyone formed a line in the aisle. The morning light shone more brightly, from he high stained glass window above the alter. It illuminated the front of the church. Rahual remained at the back in the darkness. The final hymn ended. A familiar step drew his attention, it was Carlos. He was now able to go home. When they got home, Carlos went to his usal squeky wooden chair. It was ont he old green carpet, with the shiny gleaming of yellow sunlight that radiated throughout the window onto it. The morning fresh air with scent of freshly wet cut grass breezed in, gently caressing the hand sewn curtain in the window. BELONGING ESSAY – HSC Everyone needs to belong. How far has your study of Belonging demonstrated this idea? In Your response, refer to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your own choosing. Our need to belong to a group has and always will be crucial for human survival and it is this experience that allows the individual human identity to form and flourish. We all have a natural desire to belong and so we seek out those who are similar to us, to connect with. Through feeling attached we feel secure, valued and accepted by other as social human beings. Humans are deeply social creatures and social isolation is exceedingly threatening to out wellbeing, it can leads to isolation, alienation and a sense of rejection. These

human experiences are expresses through the poetry of Peter Skrzynecki’s Immigrant Chronicles, Shawn Tan’s graphic novel The Arrival and Armin Greeder’s short story The Island. Belonging is a vital component, that is crucial for human development, without a sense of attachment we become increasingly isolated, alienated and have feelings of rejection. Skrzynecki explores the notion that many second generation migrants are questioning where they fit in, that sense of truly not belonging to either culture, this is articulated through the poem ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’. It chronicles the poet’s inability to connect to his polish heritage, while acknowledging and even envying his father’s continual sense of connection to the culture of his past. His father sense of connection is expressed through the simile ‘fingers with cracks like the sods he broke’, this shows his father connection with the land and his culture and how he maintains his heritage by continuing to grow vegetables as he had in Poland. Further exploration of the poet’s discontent is explored through the juxtaposition of Skrzynecki and his dad. It establishes the poets lost identity, he expresses his lack of individuality through the phase ‘happy as I never have been’, which reinforces the lack of connection the poets feels towards his father and his culture. In the last stanza, the poet explores how he has forgotten his first polish words and learnt Latin. This is ironic as he has lost his polish culture and learnt a dead language Latin, this emphasises his dislocation and...

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