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Belonging is a multilayered universal concept that all humans experience individually through many different ways, it can come in forms such as duality and it can be seen as a way of connecting to others and a way to avoid alienation. A sense of belonging can emerge from connections with a group, culture, experience and the larger world. The idea of belonging is that we must meet a certain criteria or fit a particular mould. However, as oppose to belonging we must take into account the idea of not belonging as the consequence of the choice to not belong or- non acceptance prevent belonging. There are many barriers in the concept of belonging which is explored in the poems “Migrant Hostel and ...view middle of the document...

The family’s sense of security is hinted in “Each morning, shut the house like a well-oiled lock”. The use of the aggressive verb ‘shut’ emphasises the notion of exclusive familial belonging which implies the idea to welcome people from their kind and not so much the ‘natives’ of the new land.
In stanza 2, the juxtaposition of the world of industrial work with the organic description of the garden in “laying sewerage pipes, my parents watered Plants” shows the invasion of belonging indirectly caused by industrial organisations which shows that their boundaries of belonging is being attacked. Finally, “inheritors of a key that’ll open no house”, in the last stanza creates a metaphor of a key which can open no door demonstrates the poet’s sense of not belonging to the world outside the Polish one they’ve created within their Australian house.
In the multifaceted 1999 film directed by David Fincher ‘Fight Club’ the main character, the ‘narrator’ suffering from insomnia creates a fight club which unintentionally turns into a support group for men lost, without purpose, without identity in order to feel a sense of belonging to be a man which they are all searching for. The terror created by ‘project mayhem’ (expansion of fight club) was the result of resentment and alienation of the members from fight club.
Personal and social belonging is presented in “what kind of dining set defines me...I had it all a stereo that was very decent, wardrobe that was very respectable...I was close, close to being complete”. The panning shot used in this scene shows the wide variety of household items the narrator purchased which he does not need, this shows ones constant urge to meet the criteria of a...

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