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Below The Surface Essay

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Below the surface

Many people have the fear of drowning. Most of these fears come from a traumatic experience that has happened to them as a child. On rare occasions, some people have a fear of swimming in just the ocean or lake but not from a swimming pool itself. By discovering the fear of swimming through unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned stimulus, and conditioned response, one may be able to get over these fears to enjoy the many things that one can do in the water.

A 38-year-old man loves to go to the lake. His friends go out on the boat to go fishing but the man stays and says he will fish from the banks with his wife. While his wife and he are ...view middle of the document...

Ever since then he has been afraid to get on a boat, let alone go swimming in the lake.
This form of classical conditioning is that the man always relates boats and water with drowning. He assumes every time he would get on a boat that the result is him choking and blacking out. His unconditioned stimulus is swimming. The unconditioned response could be that he is afraid because he almost drowned once that it could happen again. His conditioned stimulus is water in forms pools, ponds, lakes and the ocean. The conditioned response is the man stays on dry land instead of doing the things that involves water.
The man chooses to continue to be afraid of the water instead of going somewhere and learning how to swim. He knows that when the incident occurred that it was just an accident. It could and has happened to many others. He understands that his parents did not do anything wrong, however, he is not willing to deal with the reality that he can change his perspectives on water. This is called operative conditioning.
His behavior with his...

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