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Shanghai introduced a new generation of servo driven mechanical press. The new blanking and forming presses a wide range of uses. Collection of all the press features programmable servo direct drive technology SDT to ensure that such a wide range of applications. The new press is equipped with a specified die and automation concepts can be designed as multi bit or progressive filter press
die presses. Such new press is equipped with high torque motor, neither the flywheel, no clutch and brake, so flexibility is high.
As the drive speed can be adjustable, punching and pressure characteristics of the movement process can be changed, the slide motion characteristics can be accurately applied to different applications. Therefore, we can pinpoint the location of the slider to reduce the processing speed of the drawing process or the continuous work. This not only improved the quality of parts, while reducing the die wear. Program means the freedom to drive the slider can be prepared ...view middle of the document...

This new generation machines also have excellent energy balance: while in the mold and the production of certain circumstances, the maximum instantaneous power than conventional PGZ Scarper Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
drive systems for mechanical presses, but the servo press is lower than the overall energy consumption of conventional presses, General press during the on off operation when the clutch and brakes require extra energy consumption is one of the reasons.
Metal forming and stamping press shop greeting suppliers new opportunities: to verify the reliability of eccentric Schuler wheel drive combines the most advanced direct drive servo technology SDT, which SDT in an efficient and well known art torque motors . This is a blanking and forming can be applied to operate the new press the flexibility and high production efficiency to meet the needs of the design. Supporting Schuler coil lines, unstacking stacking devices or three axis transfer system, Schuler developed for efficient production of parts in a wide range of fully automated molding system. The new servo press stamping and forming nominal power range from 2.500kN to 30.000kN.Schuler Group press shop for all kinds of sizes and a variety of practical applications system solutions tailored to the press. Servo presses can be used in production of molded parts industry, including automotive and non automotive industry, household appliances, hardware, construction, sanitary, electrical, furniture and packaging industries.
Servo Direct Drive Technology SDT at a Glance:
Motion curve can be individually programmed to achieve a shorter pendulum mode slide stroke, but without the complex and not the economy to adjust stroke.Compared to conventional driven mechanical presses, productivity Lw Series Horizontal Spiral Discharging Sedimentation Centrifuge
increased dramatically. Servo presses productivity than conventional mechanical presses up to 60% higher, mold designs.The level of increase is different.Programming on the slide stroke can achieve high efficiency of production (pendulum mode motion).After the entire molding process, such as spot welding or coated such technology can be integrated in the servo press molding process.Efficient energy management system: the energy needed to speed up the trip can actually be recovered by regenerative braking and storage.

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