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Ben And Jerry's Essay

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Ben & Jerry’s is bringing euphoric ice cream to folks around the world. From the first licensed Scoop Shop in Israel in 1988 to our latest forays into Europe, we’ve introduced our chunky and smooth flavors and sense of caring capitalism to millions of new fans.
• We said goodbye to the Eco-Pint, the unbleached paperboard pint container used to package our ice cream, after nine years. We had hoped that other food companies would join us in moving toward unbleached paperboard packaging, an environmentally friendly material that does not require the use of chlorine bleach. But since the market for this kind of packaging never grew much beyond Ben & Jerry’s, we ran into increasing supply, ...view middle of the document...

Given the excellent track record and the growing consumer awareness of Fair Trade certification, we’re excited about the change. We will continue to source all of our coffee extract from Fair Trade sources, as we have since 2005.
• We reached and exceeded all of the environmental performance goals at our Vermont manufacturing plants, reducing our water use, solid waste, product waste, and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing recycling.
• We reached our Company’s goal to reduce our normalized CO2 emissions (emissions per gallon of product) by 10% over the five year period from 2002 to the end of 2006. Overall, we achieved a 32% reduction in normalized CO2 emissions in these five years. On an absolute basis, we generated 2% more CO2 emissions in 2006 over our 2002 levels, while our production increased by double digits. In addition, we offset the environmental impact of 100% of these emissions through the purchase of “carbon offsets” from NativeEnergy.
• We began a focused effort in 2006 to put our CO2 emissions in a broader perspective by calculating a new metric known as Ben & Jerry’s Global Warming Social Footprint. Working with the Center for Sustainable Innovation, we compared our manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions to one of the most aggressive global plans to combat global warming, known as the WRE350 Plan. We found that our performance over the last six years narrowly missed the targets of the WRE350 Plan. Going forward, the footprint gives us valuable targets to aim for as we shape our long-term climate change strategy.
• We continue to work closely with the farmers who supply our milk and cream on both sides of the Atlantic, to help them implement sustainable practices on the farm. In 2006, we brought 11 farmers and their families and several project advisors from our European Caring Dairy program to Vermont where they discussed best practices with some of the farmers in our Dairy Stewardship Alliance. Participants told us the exchange was a valuable experience on the path to improved environmental, social, and economic outcomes on their farms.
Each of Ben & Jerry’s Company sites (Waterbury, St. Albans, South Burlington) has a Green Team comprised of employees interested in environmental issues. These employee-led teams come up with projects, activities and events that highlight relevant environmental issues within the Company and beyond.
In 2006, Company Green Teams initiated the following projects to support community and employee environmental awareness:
• Earth Day celebrations with daily environmental tips
• Corporate Sponsor for “Vermont Green Up Day” in which employees participated in road clean-up projects near their facility
• Arbor Day celebration — young spruce tree give-away to employees
• “Pedal for Progress” — a nonprofit that collects bikes and donates them to underprivileged people throughout the world who need bikes to get to jobs, attend school or get produce to market
• Teamed with the Solid...

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