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Benefit From Diversity Essay

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We also thank Tara Brady (B&Q plc) and Richard Neville (Yorkshire Water) for permission to include the case studies on pages 15 and 16. This project was funded by the European Social Fund under the Equal Community Initiative Programme. The contents of this toolkit do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of the European Commission and/or the Department for Work and Pensions. We are very grateful for their support.

workforce and for employees to find fulfilling, challenging and satisfying work. This toolkit is designed to raise employers’ awareness of the business benefits of diversity. We highlight diversity issues facing people from ethnic minority backgrounds who are seeking their preferred jobs. And we provide guidance for employers on developing management policies and practices which support a more diverse workforce and help to extend the organisation’s customer base. The second toolkit, How to get the job you deserve, is designed for those job and promotion seekers from ethnic minority communities who need help in finding their preferred work, but equally it will assist anyone trying to find their ideal kind of job. The third toolkit, Promoting diversity in employment, is designed for intermediaries who can help employers develop a more diverse workforce and assist job seekers in finding work or promotion. The production of these toolkits is informed by our research with a wide range of employers, intermediaries and people seeking work or promotion from the African, African Caribbean, Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnic minority communities, including some whose cultural and religious beliefs are relatively strong. It is important to remember that diversity itself can be quite diverse. In other words, a wide range of beliefs and preferences exist both within and between communities. So people seeking work need to be viewed very much as individuals, with very different views, needs and preferences. In this toolkit, we highlight the kinds of questions and concerns that employers need to be aware of if they want to diversify their workforce and benefit from diversity.

About The Creativity Centre Ltd
The Creativity Centre Ltd is an independent company which works with large and small organisations in the public and private sectors. We specialise in research & consultancy services in creativity, innovation and cultural diversity. A key aim is to enable organisations and individuals to develop their creativity and become more innovative. We particularly value the contributions that people from different cultural groups and countries make to the understanding and practice of creativity and innovation. Our clients include UK and international organisations, local authorities, universities and government bodies. B-THERE is a project of The Creativity Centre.

B-THERE: Overcoming employment barriers
B-THERE is a two-year ESF-funded project under the Equal Community Initiative Programme based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. During the first...

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