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Benefit Of Taking English As Your Second Language

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English is the most widely used language in the world and it is the first language spoken by developed countries such as United Kingdom, the United State, Australia, New Zealand and other developed nations. In this globalization century, communication across countries has become very important yet English is the global language. Hence, when you are literate with English language, you can get several benefits firstly you can communicate throughout the world and it is very important for a businessman, secondly you also can obtain a job in an English speaking country more easily, and when come to leisure it will give you the ability to travel abroad any countries.
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Besides that, the second benefit of learning English as second language is you can obtain a job in an English speaking country especially in those developed countries as mentioned on above. When you trying to obtain a job at English speaking country, the primary language to communicate in the country is automatically become the primary language. Hence, when you want to work in those countries, it is more beneficial and taking an advantage to get hire by them. When you are working in English speaking country, it also means you are emigrated to their country in which the learning of English as second language can help you to communicate and interact with the local community. Doing so will demonstrate your interest in and commitment to the new country.
Other than that, taking English as second language always come to the advantages especially come to leisure that you have the ability to travel abroad any countries. The most basic reason is because English is the global language that speaking around the world. Hence, the ability to master this language will help you to communicate across the world. As for an example, many airport, banks, and hotels have English speaking staff and use English sign to guide you. With that, you always have the advantage to have a basic understanding of how to communicate in English if you are traveling anywhere in the world.
In conclusion, the benefit of learning English as your second language is very important no matter in the field of communication, working or entertaining. It is fundamental for you if you are a businessman, and to travel abroad because it will significantly improve your life. The benefits of learning English as a second language will bring valuable and will be greatly utilized your future communication experiences.

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