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Benefits Of Food Irradiation Essay

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Food Irradiation

Food irradiation deals with the process of ionizing radiation with the help of ionizing machines, in order to remove any bacteria, insects, microorganisms, as well as to provide long term solutions for foods, vegetables, and fruits. According to a scientific principle ‘food irradiation’ works through the ionizing machines which are easy to make and there is no need for land or farm to grow foods. Irradiating the foods also change the nutritional value and the taste of the food. The scientific principles involved in food irradiation are as follow: - “Radiation inactivation of microorganisms, disinfestations of stored grains, pulses, dried fruits, and nuts. - Irradiation as a ...view middle of the document...

According to some scientists, they oftentimes also wonder what drives companies or governments to produce irradiated foods rather than promoting natural foods that are clearly far more beneficial to our health.

Food irradiation is believed to be a useful technology in reducing the risk of “foodborne illness as of high-quality food production, processing, and preparation” (Wood, 1996). The dose of radiation is divided into three main groups: low dose applications (up to 1Gy), medium dose applications (1 Gy to 10 k Gy), and high dose applications (above 10 k GY). Basically the low dose application is not that effective to irradiate foods properly. The medium dose application is a bit effective and more useful for some foods, fruits, and vegetables and the last one which is a high dose application is extremely useful and effective for all kinds of foods, fruits, and vegetables.

Natural foods are good for health, in both cooked as well as raw forms, rather than eating irradiated foods which cause a lot of illnesses that you may have never even heard or been aware of before. In addition, many people do not even care sometimes if their foods are completely cooked or not. It’s just because they want to cook it quickly and they do not realize that it has so many microorganisms that could potentially be harmful for the health if not cooked it properly. This method of preservation prevents growth of food poisoning bacteria, destroys parasites, and delays ripening of fruits and vegetables. Food irradiation could be used to reduce or replace chemical preservatives used in food. The research on food irradiation has established that foods exposed to low-levels or irradiations are safe and wholesome, and they retain high quality. Another good example is processed foods which are really unhealthy and which may cause several diseases like stomach infections, cancer, heart disease, obesity and many more. “Processed Foods and Trans-Fats are Dangerous to Body Chemistry” (Furman, 2009).

Some benefits are such as: less need for pesticides, reduce the need for toxic etc. Radiation can be used only for a limited time. “Food irradiation is a safe and effective form of processing” (Nuclear, 2013). When the foods have already gone through ionizing machines, it does not mean that people should not be aware of the microorganisms. All irradiated foods should have international logo and symbol called ‘radura’ (Nuclear, 2013). In order to make sure that is original food. “Treating foods with ionizing energy offers many benefits to consumers, retailers, and food manufacturers” (Wood, 1996).

There was a terrible time in the past where some foods, such as peanut butter and spinach, became dangerous and very unhealthy resulting in death. “After spinach tainted with a strain of E.coli killed three people and sickened more than 200 others in 2006” (Martin, 2009). After the...

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