Benefits Of Living On Campus Essay

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Students living on campus don’t have to worry about time because they live in the college. On the other hand, students who commute to school, have to worry about getting to class on time. Students living on campus don’t have to waste money on transportation or food since it is all covered under a plan. Unlike commuters, who aren’t covered under a plan, they have to pay more money to get to school as well as for food. Students who live on campus tend to know more people and they know more about what’s going on around campus. However, students, who commute, don’t have that advantage because they are home most of the time. Living on campus can be more beneficial than living at home in many ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, commuters don’t have this much freedom. They have to take some time off to get to and back from school. This also wastes a lot of valuable study time because it takes many student hours to commute and sometimes, it is hard to study on the bus with all the movement and noise around.
Money can be very hard to manage if you don’t plan everything out at first. Living on campus can save a lot of money when it comes to terms of paying for food and transportation. The costs are already covered under a plan so students don’t have to worry. They also live on campus so there is no need for transportation. However, living at home can get very pricey when it comes down to paying for transportation as well as for food. There aren’t any plans for commuters that will ease the prices of things. This is where commuters have to come up with the extra money in order to waste on getting to and from the school and to eat meals for the day. As for commuters who drive a car, the cost is gets even more expensive than it appears. First of all, they have to pay for the monthly insurance to keep the car. Secondly, they have to pay for gas to drive to and back from school. Lastly, they have to buy a monthly parking permit nearby the school or find parking spots everyday in order to get to school. This tells students that they should consider getting a car after they graduate because if you have one while you’re still in college, you might as well leave it at home.
Many students feel that social life is very important and it can help ease a lot of stress. First of all, one of the many advantages of living on campus is having a good social life. Students tend to make more friends because they live together so it would be awkward not to talk with one another. Secondly, another advantage is they are the first to know about things that go on around campus such as events and even parties around the area. However, students who commute don’t have this opportunity because...

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