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Benefits Of Marijuana Essay

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Human beings started using Marijuana for medicinal purposes centuries ago. During the time of recorded history, some communities like the Chinese have been recorded as they used marijuana for certain therapeutic reasons.
Marijuana contains a substance called cannabis indica, that possesses sedative effects and it is thus used at night to treat insomnia. Another substance contained in marijuana is cannabis sativa elicits stimulating effects in patients. As a result, it is used during the day to stimulate in patients who have eating disorders and anorexia.
Similarly, marijuana contains cannabinoids, which have considerable analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, antitumor properties, and anticancer properties. These properties enable its use in the treatment of lung and breast cancer. The anti-cancer property results from the availability of cannabidiol in the marijuana plant: the anti-cancer ...view middle of the document...

Today, a number of governments, including the United States government, permit treatment with one or more exact low doses of synthetic cannabinoids to treat one or more medical problems. Similarly, many international health organizations located in the United States soil; encourage allowing patients immediate legal access to medicinal marijuana under a physician's prescription.
Likewise, a good number of states in the United States of America have legislated medical marijuana laws. These states include; Alaska, Arizona, California , Colorado ,Connecticut, Delaware , District of Columbia, Hawaii , Illinois , Maine, Maryland , Massachusetts , Michigan , Montana, Nevada , New Hemisphere, New Jersey , New Mexico , Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.
Marijuana should be legalized by the United States federal government, for a number of reasons. One, there are no documented evidence in the comprehensive medical literature relating any proven, recorded cases of cannabis-induced fatalities. Actually, over the many years of use and the particularly many marijuana smokers, there are plainly no convincing medical reports signifying that consuming marijuana has instigated a single death. In reality, marijuana cannot induce a fatal result.
Thirdly, as we have seen, Marijuana's therapeutic proportion is impossible to compute because it is so high. Nevertheless, the natural form of marijuana is one of the harmless and dependable therapeutically active substances available to man. Of all the harmful consequences associated with marijuana proscription, none is as heartbreaking as the rejection of medicinal marijuana to the tens of thousands of patients who could help from its curative use.
Now that many strains of marijuana plant are being cultivated for medical use, as well as strains of both cannabis sativa and cannabis cannabinoids, together hybrid strains that are intended to include the benefits of both species, marijuana should be legalized on the federal level.

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