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Benefits Of Mass Communication Essay

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Mass Communication is often use in today’s modern society to establish the superior communication and the simplest way for everyone to get information. We will uncover that Mass Media also has a theory and we will find out more definition of it from the other developers who will give us more idea. For today, we are definitely living in communication and in an information-filled society, where in every day in our lives we uses it.

As I check my notes in Speech and Oral Communication, I have read that Mass Communication is a communication that uses mass media like radio, television, ads, prints and films, and as I research even via internet is part of mass media. Through reading, I found out that the technology has the biggest ...view middle of the document...

It thinks about the effects of mass media’s information to the receiver’s emotion, opinion, behavior and attitude. Mass media also has a theory. According to George Gerbner and Marshall McLuhan (1976), Cultivation Theory discusses that watching television has a long-term effect to the individual who consumes on watching TV. It says that the person is more likely to believe the real world is the same on what they have watched in TV. There's a big influence behind every repeated information, for example, you saw your favorite star in commercial endorsing the new shampoo and you saw that the product works perfectly to her hair. So you are going to use that shampoo and you will believe that your hair will be more beautiful like hers. And the other example is you have read in newspapers or magazines and saw in commercial that using condom is the safest way to protect you and your partner against STDs and other infections or viruses and a good practice of family planning, if you always see these ads, you were likely to believe that it's true and it'll be part of your values and beliefs. It only shows that the use of mass media has a big impact to every one’s lives. These examples are part of Cultivation Theory. But the disadvantages of mass media, sometimes there information aren’t real and a lot of human minds are manipulated because of their false message. Mass media sometimes focuses on the

Mass Communication has its advantages and disadvantages, but there are more advantages that mass media can provide us. Media often use to distribute information to a large groups of people. People gets the message from media in order to support them to have their own ideas and opinions.

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