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Benefits Of Owning A Dog Essay

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Benefits of Owning a Dog
Dogs are always known as a man’s best friend. Over the years, dogs have been considered just cute and cuddly companions. However, studies have shown that dogs may be more than just a cuddly friend. Dogs in particular are considered very close to humans and have been present in many houses. Some people usually think dogs are just troubles and ruin everything but they are wrong. Almost every dog owner believes that keeping a dog as a family member has unlimited benefits. Some people may think that owning a dog may cause house damages and cost of money; however, dogs provide their owners with mental health, security, and a great life partnership.
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What’s better than coming home and see an exciting dog wagging their tail waiting for its owner at home? Petting its smooth and soft fur gives a calming effect, and helps people feel needed and wanted (Robinson and Segal). Because of its unconditional love, when dogs love their owner, they will love with all their heart. In addition, since dogs require lots of exercise to keep them healthy; walking or playing with the pet can bring happiness to a person. Happiness is great way to create good mental health. Moreover, dogs can offer comfort, lower anxiety and create laughter. Laughter is a great medicine against frustration and depression. People who have dogs also tend to get more exercise from regular walks. Walking every day with a dog can help a person to lose weight, and it can help a person to create a social life with other dog owners. Researchers at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers showed that obesity can be reduced by doing activities with a dog; providing for an animal’s needs by going to the pet store buying food could also help reduce from being socially isolated by encouraging to get out into the world. Moreover, dogs could help children to create self-confidence by running and playing with them outside instead of sitting in front of the computer or television. Dogs can be wonderful all around; not only have they provided a good mental health but they also contribute more to the human world.
Companionship is another great thing that dogs contribute to humans. In fact, the number one reason why people adopt a dog is because of companionship. Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets. Living alone is not a great thing is it? Loneliness is one of the reasons that lead people to depression and stress. Caring for a dog could give the owners a distraction from their problem. My dog Milu for example, he was my best friend since I was a little kid. Milu kept me busy all day doing things such as: walking, feeding, playing and most importantly teaching him to do tricks. As everybody knows, dogs are the only animal that trusts its owner more than itself. Although dogs cannot speak human language, they spend their time watching their owner everyday lives and learn about it. Dogs can adapt to their owner environment; as the result, they will create a bond, connection to their owner. Experts say that dogs can prolong their owner life expectancy especially to those who live alone from being too lonely (Robinson and Segal). This not only provides the opportunity for pet owners to establish close relationship with their dogs, it also forces them to step outside and make a social life.
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