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Benefits Of Volunteering Essay

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The Benefits of Volunteer

Maxwell Nguyen


Kate Schultz

March 24, 14


In this research paper, my topic question is “what is the benefits of volunteer for college students?” By pointing out the questions, I had come up with three main points for the paper. The first benefit of volunteer is helping people to have healthier lives. For example, doing volunteer work outside in fresh environment could help people to be more positive and more physically active. Not only that, volunteer helps people to reduce ...view middle of the document...

Volunteering includes the participation of citizens in the direct delivery of service to others; citizen action groups; advocacy for causes, groups, or individuals; participation in the governance of both private and public agencies; self-help and mutual aid endeavors; and a broad range of informal helping activities” (p. 4).
Therefore, why should students volunteer outside their school hours? What does exactly volunteer benefit for students? Is volunteer rewarding in itself? After this long research, it is hoped that more students should consider doing volunteer besides their studies because volunteer can produce well-being benefits (physical health, positive feelings, happiness & stress reduction), help them to gain more experiences in their future jobs (self-management skills & work-content skill), and make the world a better place.
When I was a sophomore, I started volunteering by helping the elderly in my area to clean their dishes on every Wednesday night, taking care of the old people in my area’s health care center, or tutoring the kids at elementary school. Years after years, my love for doing community service has grown so deeply that I spent most of my free time to social work. Not only me, but there are also statistics that demonstrate the popularity of volunteering during free time. For example, Wilson has mentioned that many European and American citizens (TNS Infratest 2007; United States Department of Labor, 2009) spend their evenings in unpaid activities such as: coaching a sport team, or leading a group meeting (cited in Moija, Sonnentag, & Bornemann, n.d). However, I have never questioned myself what I can gain from helping others people.
When people get involved in community services, they get better health improvements ranging from physical, social to mental benefits. According to Department of Health (2005), there is a serious problem with obesity and overweight increment among UK citizens, for example “43% of men and 33% of women in England and Scotland are overweight” (cited in O’Brien, Townsend, & Ebden, 2010, p.530). Moreover, more than 15% of Britain’s adults are aware of the symptoms of depression, and stress (Beddington, 2008). The reason for these alarming physical and mentor disorders is that people do not exercise at the recommended level (O’Brien, et al., 2010). Therefore, in order to improve their well-being benefits, the researchers have created a new activity involving greater exercise and enjoyment, which is environmental volunteering, or simply means “volunteering in green space and nature” (Liz O’Brien et al., 2010, p.530). It is suggested that green space impacts positively on people’s general health (Kaplan, 1995; O’Brien, 2005; & Pretty, 2005). In order to demonstrate this statement, in autumn 2007, the researchers conducted a survey among volunteers in northern England and southern Scotland. The volunteers were interviewed during their practical activities; in addition, they were asked to...

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