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Beowulf Essay

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Niki FellowsEnglish 3300Beowulf: A Christian Commentary on Pagan SocietyBeowulf is one of the greatest poems that exhibit the characteristics of conversion in a pagan society. There are beginnings of change, evident in the poem, from a pagan history to an acceptance of a new Christian meaning. This history of a pagan hero was infused with Christian symbols and morals to help smooth the conversion for pagans. When studying Beowulf, it is important to uncover the meanings and symbols of what Grendel and his mother represent in a Christian society with reference to the pagan society, as well as, look at the final fight between the dragon and Beowulf and Beowulf's pride. History is a major part ...view middle of the document...

Being that the poem's setting is a wergild society, Beowulf must kill Grendel and his mother in order to restore the community from evil and to pay Hrothgar for his kindness to Beowulf's father. Beowulf's victory of Grendel's mother was very significant to the Christian reader because it was a place of evil and it gave her an advantage; it was her cave in which they fought. Because he went to a cave that was associated with dark magic and hell, it is implied that Beowulf's ability was aided with the intervention of God to overcome evil. It's apparent there are no miracles in Beowulf; but it can be argued there is an ideal of a predetermined fate nudged by God, which explains the victory of good over evil. It was never clearly mentioned by the poet who it was that aided the defeat but the reader can only assume it was both: a divine power and man's ability. The magic sword that killed Grendel's mother was used for good, it killed evil, alluding to God's intervention.Because Grendel and his mother came from darkness, wherever they went embodied darkness. For example, in lines 725-752 the climactic fight between Beowulf and Grendel is seen through the eyes of the Danes and they marvel to the fact Heorot is still standing. The fight scene is described in gory detail that leads the reader to imagine a hall of broken columns, torn tapestries, and disheveled dishes. The fact the Danes were surprised it was still standing also aid this perception of chaos. The cave of Grendel and his mother is described as very unnatural (just as they are inhuman). "At night there something uncanny happens: the water burns." Water is the sign of purity in Christianity and could also be a foreshadowing of Grendel's nightly ritual of death. After Grendel and his mother are defeated, the hall becomes symbolic of the Christian world and Hrothgar's rule. The majesty of Heorot is that when Grendel torments the mead hall it reflects the fear of the court and community, when Grendel and his mother are defeated it becomes vibrant again. In comparison to Grendel's cave, the hall is able to be rebuilt into a great hall of joy and song and celebrate the triumph of good over evil. The banquet at Heorot celebrates Grendel's defeat and restores order to the Danish people; they no longer have to live in fear of evil. It represents a wholeness that had been lost and they attempt to return to the normalcy of pre-Grendel. The cave of Grendel is foreign to the Christian world because it is dark and isolated. The cave is the symbol of a place for social outcasts, barbaric living, and represents the heritage of Grendel and his mother.Because Grendel is the descendant of Cain, he is the representation of the evil of pagan society because of their war-like beliefs. He is the embodiment of cyclical warfare in pagan society. He has taken revenge against by Hrothgar killing his thanes. Warfare was a necessity in pagan society. Death and murder was repaid by death and murder and was in a constant...

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