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Best Buy Sales Promotion Essay

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MKTG - 410
Sales Promotion


For the objective of the sales promotion plan this is more aimed towards the people they're looking to save money by using coupons, discount codes, and other sorts of items I'll take a certain percentage of off of items. We are going to want to be sending out more of these coupons try to get more people in this door whether the actual physical store or through our online website and catalog. Throughout the year will be having different sales and promotions and some will include Black Friday, Easter, Christmas, New Year's, and super bowl sales. The research and analysis of past markets we are able to understand that with promotions during these ...view middle of the document...

All the models that we will be discounting will mostly be the televisions, appliances, electronics, and other goods that we sell in the store that are currently phasing out in the new products are being brought in. This way the customer still getting a very good deal on an older item and we could still sell the newer items at the current market price and will we will not see a negative net loss from the sales promotion. With all the brochures, newsletters e-mails and other ways to inform the consumer on our current sales promotions we are going to be a viable team to be put together an article for the current sales for each week throughout the year. With this on TV than most will be taking off will be the amount of $400 along with appliances will only be taking a maximum of $600 off the current market price. Newsletters would say anywhere from 20 to 40% off any item with the maximal amount of either the 400 or the $600 whichever comes first. This is another way to make sure that the company does not see a net loss in the upcoming year we are currently doing is promotions.

Message plan:

Once again we want all of our customers have the best possible experience with their shopping online or in the physical store. The sales promotion will be mainly targeted towards the reward zone members that early currently signed up and newsletters. “Seeing how you are a valued customer come in this week and save up to 40% on select electronics “by using this and our newsletter this THE consumers I am the potential savings that they are looking forward it comes to the electronics or appliances. This will automatically direct them and gets their curiosity going to let them have a further look. By getting them in the store we will already have a successful sales promotion plan is according to statistics they are more probable to buy an item once they are at the current location. We want our customers to know...

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