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Best Game Production: Company Background and Business Scenario
Carolyn Williams
January 14, 2013
Organizational CommunicationsMarian Karcher/Instructor
Best Game Productions
A large video game company.
Created within (2) years
Anticipating high among customers
Game bug discovered (major dilemma)
Customer disappointment and loss of sales
Maintain customers faith and loyalty for future sales

Development has been for (2) years
Release date had been delayed due to the recent discovery of the game’s bug
Do they ignore the bug and release the video game on the anticipated date, or do they delay the game’s release to fix the bug?

Customer Anticipation
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Developers do not want to risk a lower rating on their performance evaluation if the game is not completed by the deadline, since that rating affects their job status and annual raise amount.

Affects multiple internal and external stakeholders.
 The Quality Control Employees
examined the quality of the game and have confirmed the bug although the game does work, players will be disappointed
They do not believe the game meets the company’s standards of quality and want to delay the release of the game to allow time for developers to fix the bug.
It is more important that consumers receive a quality product even though it is released a few months later than anticipated.

Affects multiple internal and external stakeholders.
 The Public Relations
Maintain a positive relationship between the company and its consumers by maintaining consumer loyalty with or without a delay in the game’s release date.
A delay will disappoint consumers, requiring significant damage control for the public relations employees.
If consumers lose trust in the company’s product quality, they might be less likely to purchase any future products from the company and instead purchase products from competing organizations.

Affects multiple internal and external stakeholders.
 The Marketing Employees

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