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Best Memory Essay

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Shahin Fazeli
In class essay (Narrative)
June26, 2014
What is my best memory?
There are many different memories that I have experienced in my life. Many of them were a time of great happiness, but just one of them was so special to me. My best personal experience and memory that stands out in my mind and heart is my trip to Cancun two years ago. The reason that this trip is my best memory is because I got engaged in that trip; also, I had amazing time there, and of course I visited the Chichin Itza pyramids.
While waiting in the airport by security to board our plane, my fiancé eyed some rings inside a small jewelry boutique near the security area. We looked at the rings together ...view middle of the document...

It was always my dream to go to Mexico, and visit the pyramids.
In closing, I just want to say that Cancun, Mexico was one of my best experiences in life, and one I will not ever forget. It was not just a vacation; it was the place that I truly fell in love, and getting engaged changed my life. Of course visiting one of the seven world wonders Chichen Itza was just one of the best ways the trip could have ended, and was something we would never forget.

It was also the middle of winter and me and my partner were walking through some terrible weather and ended up at a travel agency where we said, enough of this weather, let’s go somewhere warm and fun. So we booked a trip to Cancun for eleven days.
First when we arrived at the airport we were very excited and so happy to be leaving Toronto’s cold winter weather. With our bags packed and both of us had an uncontrollable smile and excitement inside, we couldn’t wait to get to Cancun.
While waiting in the airport inside security to board our plane, my fiancé eyed some rings inside a small jewelry boutique inside the security area. We looked at the rings...

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