Best Practices Checklist And Its Effectiveness In Relation To Classroom Management Preparation/Evaluation

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Best Practices Checklist and its effectiveness in relation to Classroom Management preparation/evaluation.
A. Physical setting
It is our responsibility as a teacher to provide a best as possible learning environment where learners feel safe and motivated to learn. This is why it is important to make sure that the first step in preparation of the class management, physical setting, is set up to help students in their learning and independence.
(A1) It is important to make sure that all the walls furniture, floors are in good repair, because its helps us to avoid possible hazards and accidents (trips, falls etc) during the lessons.
It is important to fallow the hygienic standards to avoid ...view middle of the document...

I would usually ask other students to help their pears with movement impairment with this task, to encourage friendship and partnership in the classroom.
(A7) My students are moving from one classroom to another so they do not usually have personal belongings. For the minor occasions we have a few chairs empty for the keepings. The coats, umbrellas, bags are kept in the cloakroom to avoid the trip hazards throughout the lessons.
(A8) I make sure that furniture is placed to allow moving around the classroom us easier us possible, us this is could course delays, arguments and even accidents.
(A9) I make sure that my set up for classroom would not obscure the view to anyone. People with the eye and hearing impairment would sit closer (or further- depending on their eye sight) to the blackboard or screen. Everyone being able to see well is important because a big part of my lesson is visual and most of my students are visual learners.

B. Scheduling
We need to make sure that or scheduling is appropriate organised as this will help to create and sustain the best possible learning environment eg: keep the learning growing, students motivated and interested, and even helps to avoid the arguments and disappointment.
(B1,2,3) All the time tables and varies daily activities are hanging on the notice board for everyone to see. It is every day review and changed then in need. Students who founds it hard to understand the tables or cannot read are given the individual time tables that a written or have picture of the tutors. We have some break in-between the lessons to help student to understand and found the right classrooms.
Every morning we meeting all to gather in the hall and talk about our day. All the changes in a routine are mentioned and discussed with everyone and with individuals when in need.
(B4,5) Our daily routine varies and it van provide the students with needed and wanted activities: independent work, one to one instruction, different size groups activities, socializing , exercising, creative work, music and of course free time. Having different programmes during the day helps student to stay interested and more focus on their learning both physically and mentally.
(B6) Most of our classes are the free choice, so students always can choose what skills they want to learn. Every year we would ask what kind of the subjects they would like to learn next year and we, tutors, would make the lessons depending on the demand, if it is possible. If it is not possible to answer to the student’s needs in DAL we suggest other places outside DAL.
For good learning management one of the important part is to assure that everyone has an opportunities in their schedule to learn the new subjects and demonstrate new skills, that will make students happy, contained and eager to learn further.

C. Instructional planning and delivery
To make students learning more efficient we need to make our lessons “affordable” and interesting for students....

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