Betsy Johnson Case Study And Brand Value

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I. Betsey Johnson Brand ReviewBetsey Johnson a.k.a "The Queen of Funk," is one of the few designers today who has avoided the trend toward consolidation, and owns the majority of her business. Betsey Johnson's versatility and her undeniable ability to change with the times, while still being true to her vision, may be her greatest talent.A. Product DescriptionWith over 45 stores worldwide, Betsey Johnson's designs have a global reach. She has continued expanding her clothing line and is recognized for her versatility, while still being true to her vison.B. Logo, Tagline, & PresentationBetsey Johnson as two brand names, Betsey Johnson and Betseyville. The original brand logo is the ...view middle of the document...

C. Brand ObjectivesAs a child, Betsey Johnson loved the freedom and movement of dance and the theatrics of its costumes. Now more than 40 years after the designer first hit the New York fashion scene, Betsey Johnson has turned that love of color, shape and movement into a wildly successful worldwide lifestyle brand. She is known for her unconventional foward fashion, wild colors and exuberant rock-and-roll attitude; her brand is not for the fashion faint of heart.Betsey states her vision for clothing is,"Making clothes involves what I like color, pattern, shape and movement I like the everyday process the people, the pressure, the surprise of seeing the work come alive walking and dancing around on strangers. Like red lipstick on the mouth, my clothes wake up and brighten and bring the wearer to life ... drawing attention to her beauty and special ness her moods and movements her dreams and fantasies.".Her collection has the same whimsical, over-the-top exuberance as its spirited namesake designer-a woman who cartwheels down the end of her fashion show runways. The eponymous label remains true to its original vision, and now boasts a network of stores worldwide. Her clothing are usually the sparkle in a closet full of conservative clothes. Betsey Johnson's line position is that you've got to give a girl what's missing from her closet. If something jazzy, tacky or sexy is what's missing, she provides it.Johnson is one of the few designers today who has avoided the trend toward consolidation, and owns the majority of her business. Her versatility and her undeniable ability to change with the times, while still being true to her vision, may be her greatest talent. She has a clear and pure vision of how clothes should function: exuberantly. Financial independence has allowed her to stay true to her design sensibility. In 2003, Johnson decided to expand her line to include shoes, lingerie and jeans. She continued expanding her line in 2004 by adding handbags and many other accessories. Her designs remind ourselves that fashion can be fun and affordable. A unique Betsey Johnson dress today will just cost $130, being able to afford her fashions is definitely a plus.D. Brand HistoryThis versatile, creative "Queen of Funk" gave the world her over-the-top rock and roll fashions. Betsey Johnson, at age sixty, has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique, cutting edge styles for thirty-two years now. Betsey was born in Connecticut and spent her childhood in dance classes. Where she developed a love for movement and costumes, which laid the foundation for Betsey's creativity and her inspiration to design. After graduating college in the 60's, she moved to Manhattan when she won Mademoiselle magazine's "Guest Editor Contest", where she worked as an illustrator of shoes. In just one year she was offered a position as a top in-house designer for Paraphernalia, a hip, Manhattan boutique that at the time housed the hottest young London designers. She...

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