Better Funding For State Tourism Organizations

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To Whom It May Concern:
      I am the first born of four girls to a single mother. I am the provider for my father, step mother, step sisters and brothers who live in Ghana West Africa. I work full time to support my self, my sister who lives with me, and the rest of my family in Ghana. I have been a resident of the city of Buffalo for the past five years. I just graduated from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York with Hospitality Administration, B.S.
I am the first in family to graduate from college; it took me a long time to finish college because having to work as much as I did and study at the same time was very hard. It will be an honor to get accepted into public administration in public and nonprofit management program. I hope my dream of entering into graduate school and doing the best that I can will be fulfill by my acceptance into this ...view middle of the document...

Since MPA program provides students with an advanced course of study at the graduate level concentrating on the conceptual, technical, and professional education and skills required for administrative and leadership positions this program will fit me well. I rather want to have a career that I am passionate about so that I can make an impact; and that is why it makes sense for me to get a degree in Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management.
I have learned to respect the fact that my parents made me learn. For about ten years now I have been cooking a lot, and loving every minute of it. At my church when we have big events like Easter, youth programs, women programs, Christmas and so on, I help with the food preparations. Also, when I go to a restaurant and I like the food that I was served with, I make the food when home and add my own touch to it, even without their recipe.
At the beginning of the year as I was thinking about my career aspiration, I came to a conclusion that I do not want to have a career where I would go to work just because of money in.
After graduation, I am hoping to get a job in hotel managing while learning more and working my way up for the next five years. I know I love cooking but I do not want to be a chef. I believe in having knowledge about every aspect in the hospitality industry, so if I have to fill in in other places at some point, it will be useful for me. Also, having the knowledge will help in managing the company.
In the next ten years of my life I am hoping to have moved up in my career as a general manager in the company that I will be working for. At that time of my life, I plan to begin building my own hotel and restaurant in Ghana, West Africa, while I am still managing one in the U.S. In the next 20 years of my life I hope to have finished building my company and being to manage it. I do not think I can ever rest without working after I retire. I will hire someone to manage it while I remain involved in the business.


Nancy Ye

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