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Beyond Borders Essay

1113 words - 5 pages

Beyond Borders
Directed by: Martin Campbell
Written by: Caspian Tredwell-Owen
I. Set the Stage

It was all started in London (1984), people are having a dinner party in a charity event. From London, next is in Ethiopia, it is a place/country wherein people are dying because they are lack of food and medicine. Here in Ethiopia, the two main characters met again, they did missions for the Ethiopians. After Ethiopia, it backs to London (1989, Sarah came back here because of her work commitments and family. Due to her torrid divorce with her husband, she decided to go in Phnompenh, Cambodia, for the third time, she and Nick met again. They were also helping the people her due to ...view middle of the document...

Money is his God. He is always making people a foolish one. |
Elliot Hauser | Minor/Dynamic/Supporting character | -A loyal friend of Nick who is always there to support him in all Nick’s missions. | He sacrifices his life to save the baby who was holding the grenade. |
Jojo | Minor | -A malnourished Ethiopian child-he was brought by Nick in the charity event. | -he represents the situation of the Ethiopian people who are dying because of hunger and lack of medicines. |

III. Synopsis

It is a story between the two charitable people, an American socialite (Sarah Jordan) and a ruge doctor (Nick Callahan). They meet at a charity event in London. Sarah is still excited from her recent marriage, but she become emotional with Nick’s speech in front of them regarding to the starving Ethiopian child. After that, Sarah decided to help the cause in Africa, she met again Nick there. But it never had been so long because Sarah goes back in London due to the work commitments and family. Years later, Sarah finds herself alone after her torrid divorce with her husband. Again, when she had the chance, she decided to go in the missions of Nick and travel again. In that time, she worked again with Nick. But Nick’s commitment to his work once again causes them to separate. Five years pass, when Sarah receives a call that Nick has been captured and made a prisoner of war in Chechnya. She realizes she has one more chance to rescue her man.

IV. Reaction, Criticism, Suggestion (on the story, the language, the actors, etc.)

This story is good and very interesting because it pictures the different lives of people in other country. In this story, I didn’t expect that it has people and country like that. I think this movie has a good-intention for us as we watch this. They want awakening for the people especially here in the Philippines that we must be thankful and blessed because we are not suffering that kind of things. They captured the differences of each culture, how they lived and what government they have. This movie affects me so much especially to the two charitable persons, Sarah and Nick; they have the willingness to help other people without any prize or return. They are putting their selves into death. The...

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