Beyond The First Lines Essay

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Beyond The First Lines

Our society has reached a point where people are spoiled with a variety of entertainment particularly in literature. With variety always comes choice and extremes. Individuals can easily find the type of reading that is suitable for their taste, or they might be so blinded by variety that they will only cling to what they think appeals to them, based on a quick and very superficial judgment. Just like Slater Brown, those that judge on a superficial level are unwilling to look past the first sentence if they are unimpressed by it. Those that take part in such a quick, unfair and ineffective evaluation are the closed- minded individuals in society because it is ...view middle of the document...

It seems as the mysterious sincerity Slater thinks that a first sentence should have varies (in that there is a different sincerity that individuals appreciate). In other words, it is what each individual is attracted to and drawn in by depending on what type of literature appeals to him or her.
One of the books the Fishburne mentions in his writing is Don Quixote . He mentions this book only because it is an example of a book that he’s obviously fond of . Why? Because it relates to him. The first sentence of this book reads, “One of the things that should give most satisfaction to a virtuous eminent man is to see his good name spread abroad during his own lifetime, by the means of printing press, through translations into the languages of the various peoples” (Putnam 1949). This almost accurately describes what Slater wants for his life and more specifically for his writing career. Because this pertains to the life of Slater, Fishburne insinuates that the sincerity and openness that he looks for in a book is one that somehow relates to his life or his way of thought. Such lack of selflessness in his thought makes Slater’s judgment even more misleading and defective in that it is unfair. If everyone only read the things that relate to them , there would be no means for great intellectual development. Unlike Slater, society judges literature based on originality. For example ,no one can possibly live the life of Harry Potter or transform to a wolf like Jacob Black in Twilight and yet such literature is what enthralls individuals in our society. Society is very fond of literature that involves imagination outside of the norm.
The most recent book I have read is the legendary and famous Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe . It is a book well read by literary scholars and is about an African man of authority who ended up committing suicide due to his incapability of adapting to the whites man’s colonization. Rather than taking a stand and persistently opposing the white man’s...

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