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Bibl 104 Liberty U Essay

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BIBL 104-D81
March 31, 2014

Forum 1 (Modules 2 and 3): Historical-Cultural Context

1. Historical-Cultural Context - According to Duvall & Hays, in Journey Into God’s Word; the first step in understanding the bible, or any historical text for that matter, is understanding the text as it relates to the original author and his or her specific audiences. If a reader doesn’t have a good grasp of the circumstances surrounding the introduction of the text at the time of authorship, how can he or she begin to understand the author’s original intent? Was the author relating a story to elicit particular feelings or emotions, laying down edicts to be followed without waiver, or just providing ...view middle of the document...

Literally, the Russian word could probably be translated as ‘evil-joy’. Understanding the historical context – the poverty extant during soviet times under Stalin, and the cultural context – having more than your neighbors made you the subject of scrutiny and suspicion; is essential to a proper understanding of the true meaning of the word. The story defining the word goes something like this, ‘Two very poor farmers live next door to each other. One farmer has a cow. One day the farmer with no cow is weeding his garden and digs up an old lamp. He rubs the dirt from the lamp to clean it up and a genie appears. The genie tells the farmer that he will grant him one wish – anything in the world his heart desires. The farmer looks at his neighbor’s farm and sees the cow, and then he looks at his own farm and sees that he has no cow. The farmer thinks for a moment and announces his wish to the genie, “I wish…my neighbor’s cow would die.” Without understanding the historical-cultural context of the word of ‘zlojradstvo’, and I don’t think it would be possible to render an accurate translation.

2. Shedding Light on Meaning - Many years ago in high school I remember doing a research paper on the Exodus. I recall that at that time there was an ongoing debate over the proper translation of the name of the sea crossed by the Israelites as they fled out of Egypt. Traditionally, the story has always been that Moses...

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