Bicentennial Man Essay

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"Today we declare you The Bicentennial Man, Mr. Martin.  Andrew Martin started off as a very unique robot and had continued to grow inside, outside and as a human. He had feelings unlike other robots and wanted to fulfill his destiny and be declared a man. Andrew changes the appearance of his inner and outer form to become that of a human. Her earns his own income by carving items out of wood and sells them to others. Eventually he learns to live on his own and in a house to himself. After time he even learns to fall in love with another human and earn her love, respect and trust in return. There are quite a few differences between The Bicentennial Man movie and the story but also many ...view middle of the document...

When that was being discussed in the story he was able to stay alive and die knowing that he was declared a man. Portia plays an important role to Andrew in the movie and teaches him to love, to live life to it's fullest but isn't even a character in the story.
Andrew isn't accepted by Gracie or the grandson Lloyd or other known as George in the story. Gracie appears to be a little brat in the movie and grows older still not liking him. She is also portrayed as a bad child and trouble maker. In the story she isn't mentioned much but she does accept Andrew. Lloyd also despises Andrew and wants to get rid of him, to send him off some place or on a mission so that he is gone for awhile. George's character gets along great with Andrew and helps him obtain the repairs and upgrades that he needs or wants and makes sure that he is protected and will not come to harm.
Another similarity between the story and movie is that he was told by another human to try and kill himself in some way. In the story he is threatened by two guys walking down the street who recognized Andrew as the famous robot. They told him to dismember himself and Andrew had to obey because of the Three Laws of Robotics, he...

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