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Everyone values their own right to have individual beliefs, ideas and a free will. B.F Skinner, a behavioural psychologist in the 1940s stated a controversial idea that is still debated often today: the idea that free will is an illusion. Behaviour is studied in the fields of psychology and sociology, which encompasses the science behind how we act and how we are controlled by a wider scheme of things. The concept of an uncontrolled freedom lie beneath how we unconsciously mimic society’s norms. This is guided by media, influential people and social media. The above mentioned concepts guide humans unknowingly to perceive things differently, motivate decisions and develop habits. There is ...view middle of the document...

The importance of media, however, rests in the hands of those who represent it.
Media and society needed a more specific focus or idea to idolize. This need is solved by an influence, for people to look up to and ultimately replicate. Favourite actors, singers and other influential positions are the spotlight of media. Celebrities have a strong foothold on the control of media, strongly influencing society. Famous people are role models, within the concept of conforming to what media portrays. This is so relevant because they are the faces of media. Beyond society conforming to how celebrities are only in the media, modern day fans look further into personal lives. For example, a song can bring out a new fad, copying risky wardrobe choices, dance moves and people even copy the way famous people talk or their catch phrases. These spreads of popular topics, including influential people, through media, became more individualistic when social media was invented.
Social media, similar to the previously mentioned media, distributes mass forms of all types of media. Social media differs from other media communications because it gives society a personal individual voice....

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