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1. On this site they give an overview of bilingual education from all perspectives. They explain what bilingual education is and how it came to be. It goes into great depth about the legislative actions that have been taken to ensure it is taught the same across the board both on a stated and federal level. This site is for or in support of bilingual education because they believe that since our country is comprised of so many different nationalities that it is important to be able to communicate with one another. It also defines the different approaches that bilingual education can be taught.

2. This article gives four different responses to a previous article that had pieces written by a couple different authors about bilingual education and why it is important. ...view middle of the document...

In this article the author writes about and teenage boy who was suspended from school for speaking Spanish. The author argues that the issue isn’t at all about language, but about immigration and issue the U.S. has with Mexico and its southern border. She thinks that language concerns have been a major issue for the political movement to reduce immigration. The boy who was suspended from school represents to many the loss of jobs, lower standards of living, lack of healthcare and anything else one can think of in the author’s eyes.

4. This article is about bilingualism in the political race for president. It talks about our President Obama being bilingual and the possible effect that could have had on his candidacy for president. Most Americans are not bilingual therefore not being able to identify with Obama could have posed as a negative effect on him. Americans usually will go with the candidate that appeals to the common man. Usually being bilingual is seen as a positive thing especially in terms of being able to communicate with other countries foreign leaders however when it comes to the actual voting by the people for that candidate this could have no bearing or even a negative one.


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