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Bio Experiment Essay

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An Experiment to Show the Relation Between Light Intensity and Photosynthesis


Photosynthesis takes places in the leaves of plants, mostly in the
palisade layer of the leaf. Photosynthesis is the plants way of
creating energy for itself(sugar), for growth, repair, storage and
energy production.
The test will be to find out the relationship between light intensity
(voltage) and the rate of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is:
Carbon dioxide + water + sunlight ---> oxygen + carbohydrate + water
6CO2 + 12H2O + sunlight ---> 6O 2 + C6 H12O 6 + 6H2 O
Oxygen is a product of photosynthesis; therefore we will be measuring
the amount or rate of this product ...view middle of the document...

The plant was subjected to
different wattages of light and the amount of oxygen (rate of
photosynthesis) was measured.

How the experiment was carried out:
I took a 10cm long sample of Elodea Caledensis (pondweed) and placed
this inside a 50cm3 syringe. I attached a capillary tube to the end of
the syringe with a piece of rubber tubing. I filled the syringe up
with water and with a heaped spoonful of sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Then I put the plunger into the syringe and pushed any oxygen inside
the syringe out, making sure to leave a few bubbles at the end of the
capillary tube closest to the syringe. I then put the syringe in a
retort stand so that it could be held up. I placed the end of the
capillary tube inside a beaker full of water standing on a bench. I
placed a transformer on the bench and plugged it in, connected it to
the lamp and placed the lamp adjacent to the syringe containing the
pondweed. I then set the transformer to the highest wattage (12watts)
and then left it for 3 minutes prior to the test. I then began
recording the length of water displaced (the length that the bubble
had travelled) over the period of a minute and recorded the amount to
work out the volume using this formula: π r 2 h or pi X radius (0.5) 2
X h.

I predict that the light intensity (controllable by volts) will be
directly in proportion to the rate of photosynthesis. Until the light
intensity is no longer a limiting factor and there is another limiting
factor(s) i.e. Carbon dioxide. I predict that the rate of
photosynthesis will increase in proportion to the light intensity as
long as there are no other limiting factors. This is because the plant
seeks to perform photosynthesis in order to stay alive; the plant will
photosynthesise at the optimum rate in the conditions provided. I
believe that above a certain light intensity the plant will no longer
be able to increase its rate of photosynthesis as there is another
limiting factor. i.e. light intensity will no longer be a limiting
factor and there will be another factor limiting the rate of
photosynthesis e.g. temperature or There will also be a point at
where the temperature of the water becomes so hot that the chloroplast
cells would de-nature. I predict that if I where to make a graph of my
results with voltage along the x axis and amount of oxygen produced
per minute along the y axis, I predict that the graph would look like

The Equipment I will use
* 1 retort stand
* 1 12 watt bulb (with variable intensity)
* 1 lux meter (light intensity meter)
* 1 piece of pondweed (elodea canadensis )
* 1 beaker with water
* 1 capillary tube
* 1 cardboard box
* Sodium hydrogen carbonate, a surplus amount (heaped spoonful)
* 50cm3 syringe.

The results showed that the amount of oxygen released, or rate of
photosynthesis is...

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