Biography And Criticisms Of Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest HemingwayAt 8:00 am on July 21, 1899 in an old house in Oak Park, Illinois, a literary legend wasborn. Ernest Hemingway spent his childhood days outside, fishing or canoeing. Growing up withfour sisters influenced his actions and attitude toward women throughout his life, causing him totreat all of his wives playfully and competitively as though they were his sisters. Clarence "Ed"Edmonds Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's father, was a medical practitioner in Oak Park.Hemingway's mother, Grace Hall, was a great musician and music teacher. While his fatherwanted him to do something science-related and his mother wanted him to be a professionalviolin cellist, Ernest Hemingway had an idea of ...view middle of the document...

Taken to a hospital in Milanwith his two gunshot wounds, he had surgery and quickly recovered. However, while he wasthere, he came to know Agnes von Kurowsky. They spent a lot of time together, and although hewanted to marry her, she fell in love with an Italian man.In 1919, the writer moved to Canada, earning almost a penny a word for his featurestories in the Toronto Star. Shortly after this, he moved to Chicago where he met HadleyRichardson. She and Hemingway became fast friends and wrote each other often. In one letter,she wrote of her love for him, so they began visiting each other on a regular basis. On September3, 1921, they were married in Horton Bay. Another useful introduction was Sherwood Anderson,who convinced the newlyweds to move to Paris to help Hemingway get a jump-start on hiswriting. Hadley became pregnant in March, delivering John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway, deemed"Bumby" by his father, on October 10, 1923. Although his career was doing well with The SunAlso Rises under his belt, his marriage was not. Pauline Pfeiffer, a friend of Hadley's, was fallingin love with Hemingway, and he with her. Hadley gave her husband a divorce in Januaryof 1927 in exchange for all the royalties Hemingway made from The Sun Also Rises.He married Pauline in May and in June of 1928, Pauline had Patrick in Kansas City.Gregory Hancock, Hemingway's second child with Pauline, was born on November 12, 1931.After a brief marriage to Pauline, he decided to marry Martha Gelhorn, a writer. The fact that theywere in the same business and she was his equal made him uneasy and competitive. While inLondon, he met Mary Welsh. Since the journalist and Martha had failed to agree on issues lately,Mary was a nice change. He divorced Martha in 1945 and married Mary in 1946.Hemingway was having little success when several of his friends died and Mary almostdied. To top it off, the first book after ten years of nothing received horrible reviews andcriticism. Most people thought this was the end of his career. However, Hemingway, not willingto let anyone get the best of him, published The Old Man and the Sea, his last book. It gotfantastic reviews. Ernest Hemingway, the leader of the "lost generation," uses simple languageand tyro/tutor structure in his autobiographical novels and short stories.Ernest Hemingway's greatness can be attributed to several people. His style of writing,much like the work of Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein, is direct, sometimes monotonous, and hischaracters confront their pain and confusion of themselves with bravery. Ezra Pound helpedHemingway with his writing in exchange for boxing lessons.One literary technique Hemingway uses is simple language. In reviewing Hemingway'swriting, Nicholas Gerogiannis commented on his use of simplicity as he said,Although he was critical of self consciously avant-garde writers,Hemingway was experimental in his creation of an undercurrentof complex psychological tension through a concentrated use ofsimple language....

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1354 words - 6 pages can very well be about any of us in our constant struggle to survive and connect with others Citations Ernest Miller Hemingway. (2014). The website. Retrieved Aug 27, 2014, from The Life of Ernest Hemingway. (2014). website. Retrieved Aug 24, 2014, from Ernest Hemingway Biography. (2014). website. Retrieved Aug, 24, 2014, from Literature an Intro… (2013). an Introduction to Drama. Pages 167-170.

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4276 words - 18 pages , Gerald. Papa and All His Children. U.S. News. 1998. 31 Mar. 2000. 5 pages.A Short Biography of Author Ernest hemingway. Ed. Redd F. Griffin. 1999. Online. AOL. 2 April 2000. 2 pages.

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