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King Henry Tudor VIII was born in Greenwich, England on June 28th, 1491. He was the second son and third child of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII (Jokinen). His childhood is not well known because, as the second son, he was not expected to become king (Eakins). He was the first English royal to be taught renaissance ideas and became an advanced scholar, musician, linguist, and athlete in his younger years (Jokinen). He also wrote books and music, and enjoyed hunting very much. One of his best selling books attacked Martin Luther and supported the Roman Catholic Church. For this he was given the title “Defender of the Faith” by the Pope (The Royal Household).After the death of his ...view middle of the document...

It was clear that Catherine could not produce a son because she was growing too old. Henry had also fallen in love with Anne Boleyn, and he tried to get the pope to grant an annulment to his marriage. Wolsey failed to obtain the Pope’s agreement on the settling of the annulment and was arrested. Wolsey died before he was brought to trial and Thomas Cromwell took over the issue. To obtain the power of the church in England, he passed the Act of Annates in 1532. In 1533 Archbishop Cranmer declared Henry’s marriage invalid and Anne Boleyn was crowned queen a week later. As a result of this, the Pope excommunicated Henry and the archbishop. Then an act was passed that stated that no excommunications or judgments from Rome were valid. The Act of Submission of the clergy, the Act of Succession, and the Act of Supremacy followed in 1534 and separated the Roman Catholic Church from the new Church of England. It also declared that the king was the only leader of the Church of England (The Royal Household).Anne also failed to produce a male heir and was beheaded on charges of adultery. Henry then married Jane Seymour, who gave birth to a son Edward VI, and died twelve days later. Cromwell suggested Anne of Cleves, although Henry found her distasteful and divorced her and beheaded Cromwell. The next queen was Catherine Howard. She attempted to guide her husband back to the Catholic Church, but he had no intentions of doing so (Jokinen).Henry was very successful in politics, but he did not focus his power completely on expanding the kingdom. Feudalism had not completely diminished, and there were medieval franchises in which common law barely existed at all. Wolsey was trying to fix this but by doing so, he left Ireland in disorder. In 1535, Henry sent Sir William Skeffington to apply English methods to Irish government. In 1540, Sir Anthony St. Ledger took over his campaign in Ireland and Henry was made king and supreme head of the Irish church by an act of the Irish parliament. After this, he tried to get the support of Scotland for his anti-papal policies. As a result of Henry’s friendliness to Charles V, James V angrily sent a Scottish army to Solaway Moss. James proceeded to die a few weeks later and Henry tried to arrange a marriage between his son Edward and James’ infant daughter, Mary Stuart. A treaty was signed to arrange...

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