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Biography Of Muhammad Ali Essay

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Biography of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is the "Quintessential American." In his stand for religious and racial
freedom, for his humility, generosity, braggadocio, deep and abiding physical and mental
courage, though always larger than life -- Ali exhibited many typical and deep-rooted
American traits. He struck a number of positively resonant notes in the American psyche,
that make him now a revered person (Walter). Muhammad Ali is a widely known
person, not only for being one of the all-time greatest fighters in history, but also for
being one of the most prominent and influential persons of the twentieth century.
Muhammad Ali was not always called by that name, born on ...view middle of the document...

They continued to call him Cassius Clay and rooted for him to lose in upcoming
matches, but Ali continued to be unstoppable in the ring. As the years went on Ali went
on winning but the years were passing and that was having some affect on him. In 1970
Muhammad fought against Jerry Quarry and even though Ali did win the fight it was
noticeable that he was moving slower than he did in the late 1960's. He began taking
more punches instead of dodging and dancing from them like he used to do, but he was
also stronger this time around.
Out to recapture the title of Heavyweight Champion, Ali jumped back into
training camp to train. The bout was one of three legendary fights between Ali and
Frazier. Since the title was taken from him and was not lost in the ring many people felt
Ali was still rightfully the Heavyweight Champion. Ali openly ridiculed Frazier showing
lack of fear for his opponent. Despite all of Ali's negative remarks, Frazier was a tough
opponent. The actual fight was even in the early rounds, but Ali was absorbing more
punishment than he ever did before. In the fifteenth round the unthinkable happened:
Frazier hit Ali on the jaw with a bone crushing left hook and that knocked him to the
canvas. Ali did bounce back up as fast as he went down, but when the fight ended, it was
clear that Frazier was the winner. It was Ali's first professional loss but he was not ready
to quit.
On March 13, 1973, Ali was given his second professional loss (and a broken
jaw) by Ken Norton, but Ali won the rematch. Ali-Frazier II took place the next year and
because Frazier had lost the title to brutal newcomer George Foreman, neither were
champions, but even so the fight was still a legendary one. Ali came out the winner and
Frazier demanded for a rematch but first Ali had to travel to Zaire to get his title back
from the current undisputed World Champ, George Foreman.
The big battle between Ali and Foreman was to take place in Africa because Don
King, an ex-con and up-and-coming boxing promoter, suggested he could give the
fighters 5 million dollars each if the fight was held in a foreign country. Ali was very
excited about being in a place operated entirely by black people. The fight took place
outside in 90 degree weather on October 30. Thirty seconds into the second round, Ali
stopped dancing and started leaning to lean on the ropes.. Dundee and everybody else in
his corner was shocked and was screaming for him to move, but Ali stayed. He blocked,
dodged and took the heavy punches of Foreman for six rounds straight. With the intense
heat beating down on him, Foreman began to get tired and his punches started getting
softer as the time went by. In the eight round, he was extremely tired, but he did not have
any respect for Ali's punching power and pursued him with his guard down. As Foreman
missed a punch, he turned around and was greeted with a barrage of blows. A right hand
knocked him...

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