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| | |
| |Describe the history and the role of evolution and natural selection in ecology. | | |
|Readings |Read Ch. 1 & 5 of Elements of Ecology. | | |
| |Review this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. | | |
|Discussion Questions |Respond to two weekly discussion questions. |Friday 12/6 |2 |
|Participation |Participate in class discussion (at least 8 substantive posts on at least three days during |Monday 12/9 |2 |
| |the week). | | |
|Nongraded Activities and |Review Quantifying Ecology 1.1 and Quantifying Ecology 1.2 in Ch. 1 of Elements of Ecology. | | |
|Preparation |Review the Week One vocabulary review interaction located on your student website. | | |
|Learning Team Instructions |Resources: Learning Team Toolkit |Monday 12/9 | |
| |Complete the Learning Team Charter. | | |
|Individual |Resources: Field Study by Beren Robinson in Ch. 5 of Elements of Ecology |Monday 12/9 |10 |
|Beren Robinson Field Study | | | |
|Paper |Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper explaining the important aspects of the study and how they | | |
| |relate to ecology and evolution. | | |
| | | | |
| |Describe original observations of researchers. | | |
| |Which fish did he study in which lakes? Why did he choose these lakes? Why did he choose | | |
| |his particular fish population in the particular lake? | | |
| | ...

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