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Biological Foundations Essay

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american intercontinental university |
Sherry |
6/20/2013 |

There are several factors that are responsible for the rise of the vernacular language. The French were the first do their literacy work in the vernacular language. Vernacular language spread throughout Europe by the 14th century. |

Historical Foundations- Latin America

For many years the Latin language was dominating the western world. It had a very large impact on the medieval way of life. The ones that lived the farthest away began going through the changes first. There were a lot of people that chose to use their vernacular language rather than Latin.
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The creation of the national identity was brought forth by the vernacular. It went from being used in stories and songs into all ways of life.
Courtly literature was an important part of the shifting from Latin to the vernacular language. The role of women was also on the rise as it was upstanding women wanted their works to be written and translated into the vernacular language. Many people did not speak Latin, not even the higher class, so that put the vernacular language on the rise. The vernacular language was used as the language of literature, historical records, and personal expression by the fifteenth century. It was easier to convert people to Christianity by using the vernacular language, it was used over Latin. The vernacular language helped to increase literacy.
Although the standard language united the religious communities, it was basically the vernacular language. The vernacular language is a very important way to stabilize the identity of a culture, which not only binds the culture together, but emphasizes the difference to different cultures.

Historical Foundation- Latin America

The role that women played in the rise of the vernacular language should never be underestimated. They played a very important role. The women were the ones that got works to be...

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