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Biological Hazards Essay

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>pathogens (bacterium, virus, parasites) invades the body and multiplirs in its cells and tissues
>ex. flu, malaria, tb, measles

>single-celled organisms that multiply rapidly on their own
>most are harmless and beneficial
>some are infectious
~bacterial disease - results from infection as bacteria multiply and spread throughout the body

>smaller bacteria working by invading a cell and taking over genetic machinery to copy themselves
~viral disease
ex. flu, AIDS

TRANSMISSIBLE DISEASE (contagious/communicable disease)
>can be transmitted
~bacterial disease (tb, gonorrhea, strep throat)
~viral disease (cold, flu, AIDS)

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Influenza or Flu virus (biggest viral killer)
>transmitted by body fluids or airborne emissions of an infected person
>can be pandemic
2. HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency virus)
3. HBV (Hepatitis B virus)
>damages the liver
>transmitted by:
•unsafe sex
•sharing of needles by drug users
•infected mothers who pass virus to offspring before or during birth
•exposure to infected blood

*emergent diseases - illness previously known or were absent in human populations for 20 years
>West Nile virus - transmitted to humans by a mosquito which feeds on birds that carry the virus
•viral encephalitis - acute infection of brain and spinal cord
•viral meningitis - infection in the membranes that cover brain and spinal cord
*more than half of all infectious diseases were originally transmitted to humans from wild and domesticated animals
>west nile virus
>avian flu
*development of such diseases spurred the growth of Ecological Medicine

you may reduce getting infectious diseases by:
>wash hands
>avoid touching your face
>dont share personal items
>cuts and scrapes must be bandaged until it heals
>stay away from people who have flu or other viral diseases

*using antibacterial soap, liquids and sprays may do more harm
>can contribute to resistance in bacteria

Case Study
The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
>caused by HIV
>cripples immune system and leaves body vulnerable to infections such as TB and Kaposi's Sarcoma (form of cancer)
>transmitted by:
•unsafe sex
•sharing of needles by drug users
•infected mothers who pass virus to offspring before or during birth
•exposure to infected blood
>may lead to death
>treatment is too expensive to be used extensively in...

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