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Biology Global Warming Case Study

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Global Warming

Generally, the term global warming refers to the increase temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to several factors, such as effects of the sun, volcanoes and aerosols. But scientists have discovered that the main major behind global warming was the increase of greenhouse gases. Though naturally, greenhouse gases coexisted in the atmosphere which helped in maintaining the the earth temperature by preventing heat from escaping the atmosphere. However, the increase of the greenhouse gases resulted in the increase of heat trapped in the atmosphere.

Many scientists considered that global warming was due to man-made causes rather than natural since human activities such as ...view middle of the document...

The process similarly works like a most greenhouses, in which they are mainly built to trap heat for the plants inside thus enabling plants to survive through winter. In the atmosphere, the energy enters earth in the form of Sunlight and being absorbed by land, water. Some of the energy would escape the atmosphere while others would remain via greenhouse gases, causing increase in atmosphere warmth.

Global warming has been caused by many features that have been classified as either man-made or due to natural causes. Fossil fuels contribute in releasing various gases into the atmosphere whether through vehicles or industries. The solar energy and intensity that reaches the earth’s surface can cause global warming, by which intensity of the sun would either warm or cool the earth. Also the Earth’s orbit could affect the amount of sunlight reaching it, whether in it’s position or angle.

The increase in temperature has caused many changes and will continue to influence the environment by which ice in the earth poles are melting, along with mountain glaciers. Also many species have been effected drastically such as the decline of penguin population in areas of Antarctica. Many organisms started to migrate to areas of lower temperature such as butterflies and foxes. Additionally, incidents of hurricanes and storms is starting to rise along with the increase in their power and intensity.

Researchers have predicted that the global temperature would continue to change over the coming years where it is expected to reach within the range of 0.5°F to 8.6°F by 2100. Temperatures on land are more likely to increase than on ocean. If the greenhouse gas emission kept on growing throughout the years, scientists would expect frequent and intense heat events. Furthermore, precipitation is expected to...

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